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Partners an alcoholic

I have known my partner for a few years before we got together, it’s always been known he “likes a beer”.

We have been together now for just over a year and I didn’t really think I can take much more of his drinking.

He has no control over his drinking, he will promise to have a few drinks then he will have some food but he doesn’t his “sessions” go on for 24 hours with no sleep this can be week nights ect (over 80 units)

I really don’t know what to do for the best, we didn’t live together and i’m finding I make excuses to be in my own property knowing he will be drinking and keeping me awake all night, I have a very stressful job with huge amounts of responsibility I really can’t cope with his huge week night sessions..

This is his normal week.. Friday 6pm - Sat 7pm Drinking non stop music going ect

Sunday - sleep all day

Monday - Walk in door from work open a can, this session will continue until 3/4pm Tuesday

Wednesday- Sleep/ Day off

Thursday- Maybe a short 3am session

As much as I love him as time goes on I think I’d best walk away.. he really doesn’t see he has an issue

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