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family a mess

I am an addict my brother also is mom probably in some ways not the harder stuff. My brother does nothing to help the household. I care for both parents full time they are 78 Dad is completely bed bound diapers and all. My mother gives him money Every Day first thing in the am and throughout the day to go and get his stuff. I use too unfortunately try not to a lot but fail a lot. If I ask her to give me money if I don't have it she throws a fit and is just mean as heck, With him its just given softly gently and almost on schedule Literally and seriously. I help them mostly because I want to but when I ask for things and get screamed at it really messes me up even worse .... i hope someone understands and that this make since. I have been in and out of recovery over the years had some really good time in fact before my daughter passed, but since living here now knowing the situation I just briefly described, no I have not pulled more than a few weeks at a time together. I could use whatever yall have to say. Im thick skinned so don't hold back, lol. Thanks for being here

replying to Marebear36

Sorry to hear your having such a hard time. Can you get any help carers or anything in for your dad? Will social services not help considering there’s several vulnerable adults there. It’s nice that you want to help but with your own issues it sounds like it might be too much and you probably need to get someone else in to take the pressure off you and focus on getting some help for your own problems. Do you think your mothers tougher on you because she knows you are capable of sorting yourself out whereas she sees your brother as beyond help so just leaves him to it.

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