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replying to Redfox20


I hope your good

So much suddenly went on with me I just had to disappear and get on with it

So…He went full circle, I’m still a little cautious that I’m not being strung along lol,

He was so caught up in using and didn’t care about me, I had got my head around walking away and even moved most of his stuff out of my house. One night after a ton of abuse I messaged him and said I was done and that was that.

Next afternoon I got a message to say he wanted to get sorted and come home, it was so strange!

Anyway I kept him at arms length and he spent a week or so alone as his mate ditched him, he then took me out for lunch with our little one and it’s gone from there…I think his mate has held all the cards though, I think that if he clicks his fingers my other half will go running back - I hope not but I expect it.

So now, he is not allowed to drink excessively or do any drugs here, all that stuff had to be done at his mums or else where, ive had a couple of nights where he has sat watching tv and then told me he has done a bean and I’ve had to watch him change which isn’t fun.

But so far so good I guess, I’ve steered clear of here because he is extremely jealous and before would take my phone and search all of it for anything at all - I’m not a cheat so I never batted an eyelid if he did because there is nothing to find but this site would make him flip his lid, the knowing that I’ve outed him and all he’s done.

He’s still managed to use quite a bit,

It turns out that a night away to “let his hair down” turns out to be a ticket or two plus up to 5 beans which adds up if it’s even once a week!

So He’s trying to come back, he’s on his best behavior, it’s strange because he’s so lovely and I wonder why he couldn’t just be nicer before but yeah

Im waiting for him to slip up and Im not going to be all love struck just yet as he’s done so many things but I’m here and Im giving him a chance.

So how are things with you? Did your man keep it up? I really hope so xx

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