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Overcoming cocaine addiction with mild Aspergers

Hey there,

So yes, the title says it all for me, aha. I am struggling to overcome cocaine addiction (apparently the chances of me having addiction challenges are double that of a ‘neurotypical’.)

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has mild Aspergers and has faced the same challenges I have. And what has worked to overcome it.

I am part of a Smart meeting but I know it’s down to me wanting to overcome it, but am struggling.

Thanks 🙂

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replying to timww87

Hi Tim, welcome to the forum. Everyone here has a loved one fight addictions or are have addictions, and also people in recovery offering advice and support.

You've taken the first difficult step in admitting you have a problem and need help. I replied to someone similar to your story a few days ago. Read Sam37/dark slope with alcohol. Perhaps it would be good to read their story.

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My son has cocaine and alcohol addictions, he is 28. He's currently in early recovery. He said the only thing that works for him was joining AA and CA. Attending meetings frequently and meeting up with people who can offer advice and support. He has OCD issues too, which compound the situation.

In the UK there are several groups to help adults with aspergers/autism, Perhaps the doctor could give you a point of contact for support?

I wish you well, keep in touch, people on this forum are very helpful and supportive.


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replying to Lindyloo

Thank you so much for your quick response. Yeah, I need to go back to my regular doctor and I think tackling the Aspergers side of addiction is my next step. On the plus side me feeling quite desperate about a situation spurs me on.

Have a good day x

replying to timww87

Sounds like a plan Tim. I've had a lovely day 😊thanks

Take care,


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