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Get support following a drug or alcohol related death

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Lost my brother on Monday to alcohol and paracetamol

My brother has been an alcoholic and a drug addict for 30 years. He had so many friends but he was always skint and always borrowing or taking because all his money went on Cider and jager

He was brave and strong however and worked for over 25 years as a London cycle courier. A solitary job which his father never understood and led to a strained relationship fueled once again by booze and cocaine.

Last year in November after a terrible year where he was unable to work he succumbed to 2 heart attacks. He survived but continued to drink. He was desperate to return to work but he was admitted to the hospital at the weekend after an overdose of alcohol and paracetamol. His kidneys failed and he died on Monday.

He had friends, a family but he still couldn't stop drinking.

RIP my brother

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Hi econrathe, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You'll read so many sad and familiar stories here from families who have lost their loved ones to addictions.

I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better, except that he is at peace now and no longer has a daily battle with his addiction.

Please seek support to help you get through this sad and difficult time.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lx 🧡

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Thanks so much Lindyloo.

I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment. It feels easier to write and talk about it.

I am going to attend Alanon meetings.

Happy Friday x

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Always here to chat econrathe,

Everyone on this forum are so understanding and supportive.

My son is 28 and has alcohol and cocaine addictions, I know how this illness can consume the addict and their families. Unfortunately there just isn't enough support for them.

It's great that he was in that job for 25 years, it was probably his saving grace a lot of the time, bless him.

Yes, alanon will be a good support for you. Take as much support and advice as you need.

Take care of yourself now.

Sending hugs


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I am so sorry to hear of your loss.I am a newbie here and the support you all give each other is astounding.I hope you lean on our support and get through this awful time .My thoughts are with you.

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The funeral is tomorrow. I am ok at the moment but am dreading tomorrow.

My other brother has not spoken to me since he died and my mother is in Cape Town in a bubble.

I have managed to get 30 people together so that is a miracle.

I am praying it goes smoothly.

Hope you are OK

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So sorry to hear of your loss econrathe. It scares me to read (although I know already but try to ignore) that your brother could not be helped despite having the support of friends and family. My son is 28 and is an alcoholic. He is mentally tortured every day of his life. I have no idea at this point if he will ever be free and it saddens me that he is living such a terrible life in his own head. There is nothing I can do. I hope your brother's funeral went as well as these can and you all shared some happy memories of him. He is at peace. Look after yourself.

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Hi @hellosmee

I am so sad to hear about your son. My brother was the same at 28 but he was defiant and full of youthful arrogance at that age. Try to show him how much you love him and encourage him to new things and experience more in life to distract him for drinking.

It is extremely hard. The truth is they are self centred because of the addiction.

Show him how much you love him but don't let him ruin your life. Take care xxxxx

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My thoughts are with you,there are no words this I know.

You must take care of yourself now more than ever.I hope someday soon you find peace.

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