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Where do I start

19yr old son with 6year history of drug/alcohol misuse. Recently spiralled totally out of control and has lost job, blown all savings and staged a home break in in order to access my prescription medication which was kept locked in a safe. Still lives at home and is an aspergers kid so somewhat complex. Am I enabling him if I continue to allow him to live at home and take control of his finances( currently uc) whilst pushing him to self refer to drug/alcohol services ?

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Well I did the same with my son - but he didnt stop. He has been getting therapy from drug and alcohol services but they have never met him- it's just phone calls. I believe my son is also on the spectrum and would never kick him out. All of this has broken our relationship so he is now moving out because we can barely be in the same room. I think we will take years to heal from this.

I think it is your choice - you could try this and maybe for you it will work. Tough love is very difficult. I worked for a homeless charity and I don't believe people recover from drug addiction through homelessness - I think therapy is a good idea but it has to be good therapy. And he has to want to change - he is still very young.

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