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Life is unbearable

My daughter is using a lot of different drugs. She has been addicted to (street) valium for quite some time but has also started using crack and heroin within the last couple of months. I am totally beside myself with worry for her, she is lying and telling me that it's just the valium that she's addicted to and had only tried the other two but I have found the evidence that she's still using the others as well. She says she wants help and we have an appointment with a drugs service doctor next week. The pain and anguish is unbearable for me. I have taken on the role of caring for her children, the youngest is only 4 months. She barely looks at any of them and it's confusing and hurtful for them. I am in a living nightmare.

1 reply

replying to Sid

I can't really offer advice on this - but it sounds like a living nightmare and I feel so sorry for you. I am sending love and hugs and praying for you.

replying to Georgie1410

Thank you so much for your reply. I am very grateful to you for your kind words. We, as a family have a long road ahead of us but I hope that the outcome is a good one.

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