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Is he using cocaine ? Denial

My partner has been displaying some signs I believe are linked to cocaine abuse he is flat out denying that he’s ever taken it and calling me crazy for thinking it .

I have seen white powder round his nostril on a Number of occasions now each time he makes some ridiculous excuse such as it’s from the cold when it’s pure white powder residue .

His eyes are really shiny his moods are erratic one minute he comes over all talkative and high energy .The next day he’s always tired moody and he’s rubbing his neck and complaining of body aches .

He frequently hangs around with people who use coke and crack he gets paranoid verbally abusive and argumentative.

I have confronted him he denies ever touching cocaine and gets angry with me

He disappears with coke addicts and the scenario is always the same he comes over happy high energy talkative then the next day completely switches to moody argumentive and begins to complain he doesn’t feel well and is always rubbing his neck which is totally knotted.

It’s become a frequent pattern of behaviour I’ve noticed especially with the flu like symptoms and mood swings.

It’s causing huge rows as everything I see points to cocaine but he denies it and becomes angry .

I would really like some opinions on this from people with experience of cocaine addiction/use

replying to Confused88

It sounds like he is absolutely using cocaine. They always deny. My husband would always be up down and around happy sad angry depressed and I found out he was abusing cocaine. In the same breath he admitted to using it “he was already done with it” then would later admit it was out of hand after that. They can’t tell the truth about anything. My husband hid it from me “cause I would overreact”. He lied, cheated, spent all our money and left me. It’s been about 5 months and after a lot of therapy and self care I am at a much better place. A life full of all that is not a life I want to live. It will be undeniable the longer this goes on for you. Tough when you’re the only one who sees it too. Sending love. You are not alone. Xo

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