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My son is a ketamine addict

I dint know were to turn,my 23 year old son is addicted to ketamine. I have defended him and paid his debt to the stage were I'm losing my husband. I'm scared to kick him out as I think he will end up ending his own life.His bladder has shrank and he has very little control over it.my husband (not his father)is saying he will leave.what can I do...

replying to Chaz70

Hi Chaz,

Have you sat your son down and spoken to him about the pain it is causing you? and what it is doing to your relationship?

replying to Chaz70

Hi Chaz,

This is really tough for you being caught in the middle of your husband and your son. If you would like some support for your self please contact us at Icarus Trust. We are a charity that supports people having to deal with the impact of addiction in their family, like yourself. If you contact us one of our Family Friends would speak with you and maybe that would help you to know what to do.

You can contact Icarus Trust on help@icarustrust.org or visit our website www.icarustrust.org

Good luck.

replying to Chaz70

I agree with dodo, have you spoken to your son about the issues it’s resulting in for you?

Has he got any desire to sort himself out now you have already paid all his debts for him? Of course as his parent you are going to have his back but is he also going to help himself as it’s a shame it’s affecting your relationship.

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