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Holding on

In the last month I have reduced my dihydrocodeine taking by 25%.I did not choose to do this,but, I am trying to see the positives in struggling on. I have a phone consult with the GP, and to be totally honest I am pretty worried that another 25% taper will be planned.In no way do I fel ready for this.The initial 25% taper was a huge amount and my body is still struggling to adapt to it.I feel that the taper is far too harsh on the body.When I looked online Dr Google suggests that a taper should be very slowly.I am struggling to know what to say to the GP as I do not want to be labelled as obstructive . Has anyone out there ever held this type of conversation with their Doc ?

I do want to quit,but I feel that if the withdrawal is too harsh I will fall down (Again) thanks for listening .

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Hi DottyLotty.

Wow, I would speak with your Doctor about that, if your tapering 25% is far too much it should be 5% to 10% of the dose every 2-4 weeks.

My doctor tried tapering me but it didn't work as I just wanted more, I am Now 28 days clean from going cold turkey.

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Over the last few months my GP has made what I can only term errors,my Shared Care blood tests were cancelled several times.My last B12 jab was cancelled twice.This made me so...ill.I rsorted to paying for it privately.That was the final straw and I have changed my practice.I have a "Welcome" phone consult next week.Hopefully he will agree with us and I will be able to taper gently.

How long did the worse of the withdrawal symptoms last ?

I so want to get there but I have tried so many times and I have only ever got to day four and I was ill in bed the entire time.

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Yes, speak with your new GP. how long have you been taken Dihydrocodeine?

They shouldn't be reducing it by 25% - the tapering should around 5% to 10%, then eventually cut them out all together, this is too stop the withdrawals being so intense.

I was taken around 20-30 Tablets a day (Zapains) for about 5 years. The physical withdrawal for me lasted around 5 - 7 days then I got a little bit anxiety, i felt myself again around day 10 - 12. Things get so much easier believe me, you just need to keep telling yourself that you don't want to go through the whole withdrawal process again,

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I have been taking it around five years,during this time I have had 2 knee replacements and have osteo athritis in both hands and both hips,my hands are what I can only desribe as gnarled ! The most I have taken in a day was 10 x 30mg.For the most part though I have got through on 8 a day.Thanks for replying to me.This is the only way I can get through it.

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