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How do i seek help?

Hi, since new year started ive been clean from drugs and alchohol although, when school starts i know i wont be able to resist going out with my friends and taking something. Ive been doing drugs for about 2-3 months but i can really feel the damage on my body and the changes in my emotions, i noticed i got a lot skinnier and a lot more depressed and suicidal. Im still in high school, im failing 6 classes and my teachers noticed somethings wrong with me. I want to tell my parents that i started doing drugs, i want to let out my anger and sadness on someone so i can be forced or at least offered help. Im to scared to ask for help and im to scared to tell my friends about this cause i know that they wont be able to help because they hardly even want to stop. I really just want to die right now ive never felt more like a failure then right now..

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Hi rikrota, welcome to the forum. There are a lot of people here who have loved ones with addictions and some people in recovery too offering support and advice.

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time just now.

My son has cocaine and alcohol addictions. He is 29 but when he was a teen he partied way too hard than his friends. I didn't realise it at the time but he was mixing drugs with alcohol.

He's told me now he did it because it made him feel more confident.

Unfortunately he got addicted and he also has an addictive personality so he couldn't stop when all his friends could !

I would urge you to seek help, you are so young and I would hate for you to experience what my son has been through.

Adfam has a homepage with counselling service also the Icarus trust. Is there someone you could trust or confide in?

As a parent I would want to know that my child is struggling. Please think about telling your family how you feel. They would hate to know that you have these fears and anxieties. There are coping strategies to deal with these without taking drugs or alcohol. This only makes matters worse.

Please seek help and support as soon as possible. Let us know here how you are doing.

Take care,

Lx ❤

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I feel sorry for you, buddy, but if you want to go on living happily ever after, you have to leave your friends and go away.

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hi rikkrota

first of all you are not a failure, you've just got into a bit of a difficult situation. but there is a way out and you must try to use that same strength you have used to post this message to reach out to someone in your family, friendship circle or even the school may have some kind of support system for you.

i bet that your family have already noticed there is something wrong and are worrying nights trying to figure out what is the matter.

you are at the beginning of your life with so much to look forwards to, i wish you all the strength in the world.


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