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Seeking help desperately

Hi everyone I’m looking for some sort of help to get off the chiz can’t seek help anywhere and I can’t stop taking cocaine I’m do a few bits of wheeling dealing so it’s hard to stop when it’s all there I tried to confide in my partner but now get it used against me , I can’t tell my family in fear of getting disowned and they are all I have really it started by doing it with my work mates ( who are flat out addicts ) but I’m not like them they don’t seem to care but I do it’s scaring me and with me doing a few bits on the side It’s easier for me to get and a lot more I feel like I’m going to kill myself it’s taken all my money cash and bank I’m scared I’m going to loose my job from it , it’s wrecking my life but I’m always arguing with my partner sending me into depression sessions sniffing big quantities my nose is rotted away and developing a hole , I don’t want to see help via nhs or drug councils because they don’t actually know what it’s like so they will just tel me what I want to hear , I’ve spoken to frank and they just said see gp and I’m not doing that as they can’t help and it will just cause them to start poking their noses in. So if anyone can help me or give me some advice it would be much appreciated

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Hi Charlie, welcome to the forum, everyone here has a loved one who has addictions and also some people in recovery offering support and advice.

Thank you for sharing your story, I think this is the first step you have taken. To admit that the addiction has taken over your live and seeking help.

If you scroll back a bit and read Danman83 posts, he is a person in recovery offering support and advice.

My son is currently 7 months clean, and only managed this through joining CA and AA meetings.

He says it's the only thing that works, you meet others in the same situation, people who have been clean for years all offering support.

Keep posting here and let us know how you're doing.

Stay strong my friend, people care.


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i second what lindyloo says about Cocaine Anonymous. i can tell that it is a completely non profit/self funded fellowship run by recovering addicts for addicts who need help. it is also completely confidential so only members in the meetings know what is being discussed. they helped my husband get off this drug and turn his life around. you can call them 24/7 and they will put you in touch with people who can and will help.

lindyloo is also wise to mention danman.. he is also in recovery and knows well from the inside the struggle you are facing.

from what you say you are surrounded by this drug and are using quite a bit. you must feel very, very physically and mentally unwell. you can come back from this though and i wish you all the very best.

good luck!

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