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A bit concerned

I just can't seem to stop.. I could have a bright future, but right now I'm stuck in the cycle of telling myself to stop but failing day after day. I had 8 days of sobriety after new year and felt great and focused, slipped up on the 9th and have been back to it since. Just have no self control and where I live it just seems impossible to get away from.

replying to Wrongpath

Sending you support ❤

Remember we have just 1 life

If you want to change yours, you can 🙂

Millions of people round the world change their lives, for many many reasons

Get local support if you can

If you live (like you say) somewhere that is hindering your recovery, make a plan and move

Take this new year 2022 and make it your year of change, 1 step, 1 day at a time, good luck 😇

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