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Get support following a drug or alcohol related death

Anyone who has lost someone should listen to this song

This is a song a came across recently its a beautiful song by a young man named Sam Tompkins.

Now I lost both my mum and dad within a year of eachother and I play guitar a little myself and tried to write a song that discribed how I felt but when I heard this it was almost as if it was meant for me.

Small back story, I'm 30 and moved out the family home years ago but my little brother still lives in the house we grew up in with his girlfriend and little boy so it's nice that I can still have the physical house to go to. I say it's like my center of gravity.


The words to the chorus are:

"it wasn't only a building, you lived in, and left behind.

You left your children, and withthem, left your bloodline.

Even though you've left here, belive me, you'll never die.

There will always be a little bit of you in I"

I have no words to say how powerful hearing that for the first time was.

I'll attach a link to the acoustic version but if you want to look it up yourself on YouTube:

Sam Tompkins - bloodline (I prefer the acoustic)


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