: Bereavement

Get support following a drug or alcohol related death

In pain,angry.want to act

When i was 10 i lost my father to a methadone overdose after he attempted to get clean from a oxycontin prescription for work related injuries.he was a roofer alongside my uncle for over 20 years.three years later my uncle overdosed on oxycontin himself.by highschool lortabs and codeine were common among my friends.that turned to roxycontin.by college it seemed everybody i knew took them.that became replaced by heroin as pill prices soared and then fentanyl replacdd that.now countless friends of mine are dead.

They say their are stages of mourning.anger seems to be the one i am stuck on.i want to act on it.is there anyone out there whos lost a loved one to heroin or fentanyl or counterfeit prescription pills who feels the same?

Anyone who wants to aid in the prosecution of cartel members and street gangs all the way down to the street level dealer? Please respond.

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