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Well another day and my son has gone and bought himself drink over his family and a home. I feel like crap with what he's putting me through. I'm sick of words that's all they are. Think it's gonna have to be tough love now and let him get a place and hit rock bottom. It's my only option. I've hit rock bottom that's for sure. He's dragged me that far down I hardly get dressed anymore. He's had chance after chance after chance. 10 years is a long time to put up with someone with an addiction. I know if he set his mind to it he can do it. If I keep letting him have a chance but I'm done now he's drained me that much I've no energy to look after myself anymore. Am I doing the right thing telling him to leave. I've give him a month to find somewhere. Can't be no fairer than that. Addicts don't care who they hurt as long as they are OK 😢

replying to Suey

I’m so sorry xx

It’s sad for your son but you have to look after yourself too.

Maybe once he’s hit rock bottom he will wake up.

It’s terrible as there isn’t enough help for people with addictions/mental health troubles.

replying to Suey

Sue also if u can. Read a book called... Mum can you lend me 20 quid?

It's a true story by and English woman, who had twin boys, all had grammar education, she was teacher, and they turned to heroin ect.. But it's from the mums point of view. I won't tell u too much about it. But the mum now does a lot of charity work with addiction.

But this will give u a better understanding what to do in your situation. It's a great read. And will help you. Well I think it will.

replying to Suey

I vouch for what Danman said that book is very good and is available on audible app ( I’m rubbish at picking up books I don’t stick to them ) . The author is the founder of drugfam ( they are a godsend for me too with support) . It gave me comfort and more understanding to my husbands cocaine addiction . Sending strength Suey , it’s dam tough - hugs x

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