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Getting nastier by the day

Why do they keep hurting us 😔💔 I'm literally being called insane (I take antidepressants which he took.last pack)

The money I had is now gone was full of promises when it was there now I'm playing a victim

I can't do this its literally killing my soul

replying to Shell98

I'm sorry Shell.

I live with this too. I get called all the names under the sun except my actual name!

Mine is vile off the drugs.

I'm not sure if you are in a position to get away but if you can leave or not be in relationship, then it seems worth looking at doing that. You deserve to be happy and not to be verbally abused.

You are not a victim, you are a survivor.

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replying to Shell98

Thank you so much I don't want to leave as I love the idiot unfortunately

replying to Shell98

Shell, unfortunate he will never change so this will be your life and will just get worse im afraid. He'll if I had somewhere to go I would of gone a long time ago, no love no more just hatred.i can never understand why someone chooses to put his family through shit just so he can sniff some Whitestuff.makes no sense x

replying to Shell98

It takes time but eventually you may feel differently. I believe in these situations we can only take so much. Eventually most people have enough of being treated badly... it can take a long time though to get to that point.

There are aspects to the addiction and any abuse sustained by partners that I think may be relevant also such as co-dependency, trauma bonding, enabling etc. I know I have suffered and suffer from these... I'm working on myself. The way I'm being treated is not love and I deserve better.

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