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Here we go again

Another day in paradise, living with an addict.cant you tell its Saturday, my god im hating this man even more by the second

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Almost smiled reading this. My partner is on the come down, god knows where today!

The weekends just get better and better don’t they x

replying to Natasha21

My idiot is still in bed.ate his chocolate and crisps and he's just lying in bed.wtf is that all about

replying to Natasha21

Your post made me smile 😊.

But am sorry to hear ya sitch...

Hope he don't make you hate even more on suicide Sunday lol...

replying to Natasha21

Suicide Sunday lol that's good. Mmmm he's addicted to now hang on, it's a bit of a list, drink,cigarette,betting and the white powder

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My other half does everything you listed but the drink. He’s put gambling controls on his bank now but he never has no money anyway 😅

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He spent most of the day in bed so I had to pop out so when I got back, guess where I went lol 😆 back to bed,by now I've cleaned the whole house everything but not today. How one person can ruin your whole day. So hes now currently sitting downstairs alone cracking the cans open

replying to Natasha21

Haha , glad ya liked the saying haha.

Seems like ya propa fed up with him then..

Rather slap him into shape or leave sad sack to it mate. If he want do it for you it shows his true colours...

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