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I I am new to this and don't no if im doing it proper

I am a mum of a son who has an addiction don't no how to help him with this or what to believe any more

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Hi weegem, welcome to the forum. Nearly everyone here has a loved one with addiction and some people in recovery offering support and advice.

My son is 29 and has been battling alcohol and cocaine addictions for 10+ years. I know how difficult it must be for you.

Nothing is your fault, although they will blame you for all of their problems. They become aggressive and nasty to all around them.

Until he wants help and support, you cannot force him to stop.

You have to look after yourself, tell someone close, share here or get more information from Drugfam, or Icarus Trust.

Always here to chat, also, if you scroll back a bit, there's a thread called Theresa. There's several of us mums with sons with addictions and they are so supportive and kind.

Take care weegem, ❤️


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Thank you ye he is on cocaine and trying to get of it but gets on it again n gets into debt so much its killing me x

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Hiya wee gem hope your OK. I'm 5 month and a week clean from cocaine now. I've got my best clean time in 12 years of using. I joined cocaine anonymous, and it's the best thing I've ever done. But he has to want to quit for himself, basically hit his rock bottom and he is ready to quit, na she's had enough. You can never force him as it won't work.

Has he looked into this? There are meetings in every area face to face and on zoom online.

Also he needs to delete all mates and family's, dealers numbers to do with coke.or get a new aim card.

He needs to come off social media if possible. Also set some goals, no alcohol as well, do some new hobbies, eat healthy, try the gym or walks. It's about changing his routine a round and implementing good things in his life.

Feel free to ask me anything

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Thank you for your reply L I sometimes feel I am on my own I cant see the link thereasa you mentioned I just don't no wat to do for the best and how to help x

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Hi ye I want him clean to but don't no wat to do he attends meetings but not sticking ti it he hit rock bottom lost his job dissapears thats wen I no hes not good specially his mental health how do I help he keeps asking me for money

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Well it's good he's doing meetings., but he isn't sticking to them. Me personally I wouldn't give him another penny. Probably needs tough love now. But that's up to you. Does he live with you?

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Hey lindy hope your doing well. Hows your son doing? Hope he's doing well still.

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He has stopped group meeting but has care worker meeting want him to try sport to keep mind busy

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He stays with me this page keeps cutting off

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