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My mum's drinking is getting worse

My mum's been drinking a lot recently, most days of the week she is drunk. She turns into a nasty person when she drinks and today has been the worst.

She was very angry today and I'm not sure why, she started trying to argue with me and because I wouldn't argue back she got really violent with me. I can't cope with this anymore, I love her, she's my mum but she's putting me in a really dark place and I don't see a way out. It's just us 2 at home so I have so much pressure to not give up on her, I don't want to lose her.

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Hi Chloe03,

Welcome to the Forum where you will find many people in similar situations.

You really shouldn’t have to put up with violence, it can’t be good for you at all. Have you not got any family members you can talk too or close friend you can confide in?

Had your Mum been drinking today when she turned violent?

Please talk to someone, you cannot be in this situation, it’s very worrying, and please make sure you are safe.

Please keep in touch on here, take care.


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I don't have anyone to talk to, I've found myself being isolated due to my own depression. Yes she had been drinking vodka since the morning and I tried so hard to stay out her way but she just comes into my room and won't leave. I have no escape because she just follows me pushing me around.

It was very scary, it's like a switch and her eyes go all glossy and she just attacked, I froze.

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Hi Chloe,

I think we spoke before on another thread. I'm sorry to hear that your mum's addiction isn't any better.

I think when a person with addictions is lashing out at their loved ones, is because deep down they know they're in the wrong and they are just deflecting it to you, to make you think you're the one who's wrong! Does that make sense? They're basically pushing the blame on you when you are doing nothing except trying to help.

Have you contacted any of the support groups I suggested before? I think it's maybe time to contact the Icarus trust or Drugfam, they support the family affected, not the person with addiction. They will give you advice and support and do not judge.

Your mum has to be the one to seek support from AA when she admits that alcohol is taking over her life.

I agree with Debc, you should confide in someone- please try Drugfam or Icarus trust.

Take care of yourself in the meantime as best you can Chloe.

Lx ❤️

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