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And here we go again

So hello everyone, Friday here again, hes jaws on the floor but obviously he hasn't taken any, it's all in my imagination 😉 mmmm ok flower pot you carry on fooling yourself. This is why I live my life im not having him bring me down to his pathetic lifestyle. Stay strong everyone zx

replying to Natasha21

Haha, yes it’s always in our imaginations and when they are caught red handed…

“You made me do it.”

It’s like sorry darling, didn’t realise when I go supermarket shopping I’m actually picking up your drugs, bringing them home to you, racking up your lines, providing the straw/ bank note then forcing you to shovel it 🙄 yawn.. 🫤

replying to Natasha21

Exactly hes still wide awake now and now thinking of sex but I got up straight away. Yuk

replying to Natasha21

Well he got paid yesterday £1800 apparently for the Month and he gives me £1000 bill money. And 700 for him.he owes my mom 100 and hes told me I have to pay, I don't have enough for rent, ctax,gas and electric and food now.so now what the f am I meant to do. When I said its not entirely to cover everything. Not my fng problem. Why does he hate paying bills but don't mind paying for cocaine. Don't understand

replying to Natasha21

I’ve often wondered that too. Why is some powder so valuable to them just winds me up so much.

He can literally have no money, no food, no fuel in the car but thinks nothing of spending a few hundred on that stuff. He’l just lay it on as they call it and owe the drug dealer at the end of every month, then he’s playing catch up with money all the time and never has anything!

Dread to think how much he spends on it

replying to Natasha21

Ranting now 😂 but he claims poverty all the time when In reality he’s broke because of the drugs

replying to Natasha21

Hi rae2022, I'm normally quite strong and positive but today I'm going to admit defeat and I've broken my heart. I don't know how much more I can take of this shit life with him.then to say why do you need 700 and be told why? I have bills, I said like what? My phone, I said it doesn't cost 700.we need to do cut backs on things, I said I don't have anything for me when I get paid, let alone £700.THEN he just starts shouting in my face I hate him and the drugs so much. My kids really don't deserve this life x

replying to Natasha21

Really sympathise with you and I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It is truly heartbreaking.

I hate the drugs too and the person they seem to turn into.

I understand addiction but I will never understand how they can do it to the people they supposedly love! It causes so much damage 🙁

Not sure why drugs are ever worth it to begin with.

replying to Natasha21

Hey rae22,no nor me don't understand the whole drugs life and why they would want to do it.ive not spoke to him all day. How's your weekend going? X

replying to Natasha21

My weekends been awful from start to finish. He’s been out all day and not come home. I need to stay strong now and stick to my guns and get this loser out of my life for good.

I’ve packed all his belongings. Even the cups and plates he had from when we moved in.

I’m in a bit of a state but I’m ok!

How are you doing? X

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