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Supporting someone

My spouse has been drinking heavily every night for a couple years, and has recently admitted to being a alcoholic, which is the first step, but I need advice in helping him get to the next step in getting help, he won’t go to groups, he is at the stage where is has the shakes, so needs to wean of. Sorry for the short post but not to sure what to say.

replying to Nova1985

Hi Nova, welcome to the forum, thank you for sharing your story.

Everyone here has a loved one with addiction or people in recovery offering support and advice too.

My son is 29yr, has alcohol and cocaine addictions. Its been a living nightmare for 10+ years, but he's currently almost 1 year sober.

He admitted he needed support after a really bad episode of drink.

He had the shakes too.

Doctors weren't much help, AA was the best support. Lots of people, some in recovery for years offering support and advice.

He joined CA too. You have to go to meetings regularly though- he says it's his medicine.

It's worth a try- it's been tried and tested since the 1930s.

Look after yourself in the meantime, find time for something you enjoy. He's in for a tough ride but well worth the effort.

Keep in touch here, lots of lovely people willing to help.

Drugfam and Icarus trust also offer advice and support.

Take care

Lx ❤️

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