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Wife And Cocaine

So on Saturday everything changed.

1pm before my partner was going on a day out with her son who is 15, I saw her doing coke in her office with the door closed 3ft from her son.

We are a blended family of 4 years and she’s had a tough time with her own father and ex husband who is an an alcoholic, cocaine user. The behaviour of the father has made the children very vulnerable and with behaviour and anxiety problems. I have 2 she’s has 2 children and we have lived in a Lovely house for 18 months now.

When we first me 4 years ago I caught her doing a livener just weeks after he son had caught the dad doing coke. This affected him greatly. The dad is now not around.

Last year I found a rolled up £50 cue a big argument. Boxing Day I caught her doing a line before we were going to play Board games and again last month I found coke in her office.

I swabbed the house last month found it in a number of places and she promised she’s deleted all the dealers numbers. On Saturday she was doing it on an iPad. So I’d never know if I swabbed surfaces again.

She claims that’s the only time she’s done it. But Saturday was different it was 1pm.

We have had loads of problems with her daughters schooling and behaviour over the last 9 months which I think has sent her over the edge.

Doing coke is not acceptable though. Now i don’t know if she’s been a user for the whole time we’ve been together.

I confronted her. Now she refuses to talk to me and doesn’t admit she has a problem, says it’s normal, acceptable .

Her behaviours are exactly how the poster described. Exactly.

She has a high flying job but rarely gets out of bed before 11am. Always chasing around to catch up time. She’s bi polar, always angry with something, no interests apart from trash tv. Petty in her insults. She get a abusive both verbally and physically. Controlling

I’m ever Hopeful she will wake up one day and be back to her best.

I’m Heart broken today. Even worse I’m in Europe away from the famiky.

Suddenly her problems have smacked me in the face. Clear as day. I don’t know what to do.

We have so much to lose.

replying to Lawn01

Unfortunately the thinking it's normal and acceptable is something I've gone through with my addict. It's impossible to get them to stop. They have to want to... and be ready etc.

Mine is also always angry with something, abusive, controlling etc. I'm trying to leave. I can't take it anymore and I'm scared of the impact on our child.

replying to Lawn01

Sorry to hear that.

So it’s peaceful at the moment. Very abusive and insecure on Tuesday. All sorts of threats of moving out. Blaming me.

I haven’t bought the cocaine yo yet this week as I was told it was pointless discussing it with a user in their come down.

Sick of arguing as well so peace and quite is nice at the moment.

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