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Alcoholic bf

Hi all , I recently lost my bf of 5yrs + last Friday 24thand I feel very sad about it . I just saw him on Friday the 17th and I was very upset with him as he was asking me money for alcohol. It’s been a rollercoaster just after dating for 2 years he became very depressed and negative . His family wasn’t that supportive and I was the one who was taking care of him. But I am just trying to be strong for him and I just feel I did more for him even though he declined help. I feel guilty but it’s because of other circumstances I couldn’t see him for a week . I really feel bad 😞 and I hope he forgave me .

replying to cathey2022

Hi Cathey, I so sorry for your loss.

Please don't feel guilty, I'm sure you did everything you could to help your boyfriend.

Addiction is so cruel- turns a kind and loving person into someone we don't recognise any more.

I'm sure he knew that you cared for him , the addiction just takes over their every thought, word and action.

Perhaps you may benefit from contacting a bereavement counselling service.

Please look after yourself

Sending hugs ❤️


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Thank you Lindyloo for your kind positive words. It’s hard but all will be well am sure he is resting in peace , He was saying to me one day he will commit kill himself but I didn’t know it will come , God know it all . I pray for everyone who is going through this. Love 💕 you all xxx be strong.

replying to cathey2022

God bless him, some people who are struggling with addiction probably think that this is the only way out.

At least he will be in a better place now, and out of the torment of addiction.

Please look after yourself at this sad and difficult time Cathey.

Lx ❤️

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