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Husband on Coke


My husband of 4 years is on Cocaine and this is destroying me mentally and physically as he gets abusive when he’s on it. He lies to me all the time, hides money from me. He has promised me numerous times that he will get help but makes excuses. I want the man ii married back but I’m not sure that will ever happen. How do people get through this?

replying to Vic6

Hi Vic6, hope you’re ok and taking care of yourself as much as possible. I can only speak from experience but it will probably only happen if he really wants it to and actively decides to get help himself but it doesn’t sound like he’s even admitted he has a problem yet. Unfortunately he’s probably less likely to do that while he’s got you looking after him and putting up with his behaviour (not judging at all as I’m doing exactly the same!) My partner tells the most ridiculous lies too to the point we haven’t spoken for 2 weeks as I just can’t be bothered to waste my time listening to it all when I know he’s been taking coke again…. You shouldn’t have to put up with him being abusive there’s no excuse for that. It’s a stressful draining life being with an addict - personally I am getting close to walking away but we have a child so it’s hard. Take care xx

replying to Vic6

Thank u for sharing with me. He admits he’s got a problem to me but not to anyone else which is the hardest part about it. My friends say that it’s just the way life is these days and that most people are on it. I don’t want to live my life with a drug addict. I’ve got a young grandson and I don’t feel like I can have him at my home because I don’t know when my husband is going to take it or leave his drugs lying around. I feel so deflated and beaten. Hope things get better for u soon. Take care xx

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