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Cannabis, Mental Health, threats of suicide if we try and help my niece

My niece is severely addicted to cannabis. She is also severely mentally ill, hearing and talking to voices in her head and convinced that the cannabis is the only thing that helps. She is in desperate need of mental health support but threatens to kill herself if we get it for her, as they will take away her weed - and her mother is understandably too scared having seen her close to going through with it.

She is impossible to live with, because the voices in her head make her scream and cry as well as talk to them day and night. We are struggling to find help and don’t know where to look next. Do we try and treat the addiction or the mental health issues? What can we do if she refuses help with either?

She can take cannabis and then lie to people in positions of authority for the time it takes to convince them she is compos mentis, so they think she’s okay, but she really really isn’t.


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