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Alcoholic on family holiday = disaster. Does anyone else's partner act like nothing happened?

I don't know of any holiday that we have had as a family that didn't involve my partner getting paralytic drunk most days and arguments, me ending up crying but I still book the holiday for us all to go as a family for the kid's sake because despite this they love their Dad.

The last holiday, a few weeks leading up to it, he drank almost every night and I've had a lot of verbal abuse and texts so has my 13 year old who he clashes with.

The first 2 days he was so drunk that he, the first day, walked off sulking and in a mood with us shouting and swearing and stayed mostly in the car (we were in a tent).

The second night he got drunk at the bar, left us all, spent all our money for the holiday(we were limited so enough for food) and was sick inside the car so we woke up to sick everywhere and him acting sorry for himself.

So he goes from cocky and nasty to sad and shell of himself the next day, don't get it.

No he didn't learn as lent money then the 4th and 5th night met a bloke who he got drunk with, turned up at the tent 5 in the morning fell on my youngest, threw a shoe at me, was nasty telling me to eff off etc, all this whilst the kids slept then got into bed and pushed me. Found out he drank half a bottle of vodka on top of the lager and guiness.

Came home, drank 10 bottles and acting like nothing has happened.

I feel like theres no way out of this black hole, he has nowhere to go, no job, a daughter who stays over so needs somewhere for her.

I just don't understand how he is so jekyl and hyde and hes gone to the docs a few times for help but it lasts a week or 2. Now he says if I leave him alone then there wont be any grief.

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