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My son is addicted to ketamine and cannabis

Hi. I am new to this forum and have been dealing with hell for nearly 5 years. My husband wants to kick our son out as our whole life revolves around whatever drugs our son is on and I never know what mood he will be in. I have begged him to stop and get help. I have phoned counsellors and asked him to speak to someone but he won’t engage in this. He works and spends all his pay on drugs and then doesn’t work for months and he will then get a job and once again all the money will be spent on drugs. He steals from us and does drugs in the house. I have spent many nights sat in his bedroom all night to check he is still breathing after he took lots of ketamine and nearly a bottle of Jack Daniels. I found some ketamine and flushed it down the toilet. He went mad, squeezing my arm and telling me he can’t fucking stand me etc. I am wondering how many more years this is going to last. I have distanced myself from all friends and do not speak to anyone about this. Is there anyone out there that have kicked their son out and it has made them turn their life around. I feel that because he is having all his food and washing etc done he doesn’t care about spending all his money on drugs. Anyone who has advice and had to make this decision?

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