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“She has it all” I don’t looks can be deceiving.

Hi Guys,

First time Coming on here and it’s good to know I’m not the only one going through the process.

I’m 40, 3 kids, married and a professional.

My addiction started a few years ago nothing triggered it only the way I felt when I took them. I started buying from the chemist over the counter so not the 30/500 the money I spent is embarrassing and for what? I then, because we are sneaky right?! Started hitting different chemists. I needed more and more for the buzz. Anyway I’m on day 3 of being clean and boy is it hard . I have been shaking- more tremors, sweating like I never thought possible, running to the toilet every hour(first two days) I haven’t slept in 3 days, restless legs at night these are the worse I feel like climbing the walls,anxiety is huge along with feeling emotional. But do you know what? I’m doing this because I have a family that loves me and needs me and I won’t let them down. Popping pills every hour and being wiped has stopped. I’m doing it for me too because I’m over feeling tired everyday, thinking I need them to function. I’ve taken another week off work so I can get through this. We can do this guys!!! Dig deep we got this!!!

replying to Jellybean

Hi Jellybean, welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing your story and recognising that this addiction is slowly taking over your life.

I wondered if I could direct you to the other blue highlighted heading-

Drugs, alcohol and Mental Health.

There's a thread saying "Day 18..

By Dadict. Its quite a long thread but it is mostly people like yourself, trying to stop these addictive type drugs- and the group there all support each other

Congratulations on day 3 , that's brilliant.

I wish you well Jellybean, addiction is a terrible illness. My son has alcohol and cocaine addictions, thankfully over 1 yr clean thanks to sheer willpower, and AA and CA groups.


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