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Partner 18 days clean from coke by

Hi Drained and tired. I'm sure all your hard work will pay off. We'll done for taking a stand. We shouldn't have to tolerate there bad behaviour little own the effects of a substance they choose too take. I wish you all the best x My x partner is still in denial. Even being locked up in jail hasn't made him think clearly. Also I get the sense his family are distancing me and feeling such pitty for him.. its so sad as they know I have nobody, there son made this choice and has for many years . I do believe taking a stand can stear them in a better direction if they want it. But most of all you have respect and boundaries for your self and the future. X

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Hello Danman. Thanks for your reply and congratulations on your success so far. That is so amazing I bet you are feeling so much better I wish you all the best. I do honestly believe he had stop for around 2 years. As he was doing drug testing for work and his whole thinking and behaviour was so much different to the person on substance. Also instead of selling every he had we were build a life.. I do believe he had a weak moment and was hanging around some bad company the last few weeks also these people inject aswell... not though any of that should be an excuse. I feel so sad and disappointed has gone down this road and I'm not willing to be mad into a fool... how many chances do you honestly give someone. Even if he decides to let up with these people and that kind of company I'm sure there will always be another person.

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Hello everyone. I didn't get many replies from my first post .but I would please like some opinions. I have been with my partner for 15 years on and off due to his addiction crack that he injects. I recently sent him packing as our 3 children are suffering and my mental state is not the best. I'm really struggling with his addiction the lies_ betrayal _abuse_ He does absolutely nothing for this family financially. And is not working we have lost almost everything. I have no family and have lost most of my friends. And the few friends I have I'm to ashamed to talk about my problems. Im wondering if anyone out there has advice on what I can do to pull through this dark hole I'm in. I would like to hear from other people and any success they have had. What will help me try distance my self from my x partner. I tend to feel sorry for him and make excuses for his poor choices and I really just want out but I'm scared my depression may just pull me back in... has any else been in this situation What can I do to help me escape this round about life ??????????????????

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My partners addiction by

Oh no sorry your not doing to well. I know its hard and somedays are just worse then others. Did he mention we're he was on Thursday ? Or even seemed concerned about you? Could you maybe buy him a cheap phone that he can call you from ? Would this maybe ease your stress? The question is would he answer or take your calls. It may just become another bunch of endless stories why it was stolen or lost ..... They seriously have no idea what they do to us. I know its really hard and your hurting. But please try stay strong I'm sure your boy needs you and he would want you to be happy. Do you have any friends you can talk with or go visit? Sometimes a coffee some fresh air a chat helps if you have someone and they are not going to judge you just support you in this tough time it might help you.

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