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Hey, Sorry I don't have answers or words if wisdom but just wanted to say your not alone and I know what your going through. My dad is getting weaker and weaker, he can barely even walk. I'm not sure how long he has left and I don't know whether to be angry at him or be forceful with getting him help as he normally just brushes us off and agrees to get help but never does Sorry didn't meant to turn this post about me but just wanted to say I can relate and it's nice sometines to chat to someone that knows what your going through. Hope your dad does get better and you get the answers you need.

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My alcoholic dad by

Hey, I can relate to this so much. My dad's been drinking aslong as I can remember (I'm 31). He has chirrosis, seizures, can hardly walk plus lots of other things but still wants to drink. I feel bad for my mum who has to basically be his carer because of the drink. One minute I feel angry at him and want to never see him again but then I feel guilty the next minute. I hope your dad gets better and hope you, your mum and sister get the help and break you all need.

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My dad is an alcoholic by

Hi, Thanks for replying. I'm sorry to hear your going through this too. That sounds just like us, my mum tried leaving him last year and he went really downhill and needed caring for so she went back because she feels guilty, even though its not her fault at all. We have been told now if he doesn't stop drinking he won't have long to live and he's just started again, so I don't know whats going to happen now. Has your dad ever tried getting help, like rehab or counselling? Thank you for sharing your story too :)

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