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My husband and cocaine by

Hello, I can relate to your husband I’ve been through similar and it gradually gets hold of you to start with you tell yourselves it’s a social thing then once it takes hold it’s hard to break the routine gradually your work starts to suffer and then Your family life I found I wasn’t content with the simple things in life any more my family life which had always made me happy Cocaine changed my attitude one of the effects is a hypo sex drive I was the same with other women only when I’d had coke no interest when I hadn’t Hardest thing is to admit your an addict you tell your self every thing you can rather than admit that and without completely changing your life friends places you socialise you always have lapses I still do and think I always will unfortunately but lapses don’t ruin your life it’s the addiction on a daily basis that does Once your addicted as well people don’t realise your not doing it to get high anymore your doing it because your body needs it’s and it’s a scary feeling Hope things get better for you and your husband only advise I can give is the more you preach at him and confront him it pushed me away and made me resentful to my wife there will be lapses and I feel bad enough when they happen but you need a strong partner at that time

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