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Hi All. Quick one to thank everyone for responses and care. I'll try and reply again tomorrow. He's still in hospital but very poorly, less with-it than end of last week and weaker. Have been told he'll be in there a while. He was diagnosed with COVID today so being moved off the liver ward. All seems so hopeless. I'm desperately worried for him, I don't want him to die. Lateral tests for me and son coming back negative so far, although son just started with a cough. Will order test tomotrow, although I need to do financial stuff tomorrow, hope to god I can send him to holiday camp. Drain's blocked as well, added to tomorrow's list. I have to stick to my 'to do' lost, we can't be laid low with anything !!!! Night time for us now, it wishing you all as peaceful and restful night as possible 🤗 x

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Hi. I so sorry for what you're going through. I would say as mum of a 5 year old with an alcoholic father, that much as you love him and care for him, he is never going to be good father material. At least not unless he can find it in him to get help, and prove to you for a sustained period of time that he is sober/clean. Then that would be your choice. My son has a drunken, nasty, wasted daddy. And that's no life for a child, for anyone or you. If you'd like children I'd say best out of the relationship and to find some happiness and peace without him. Ultimately you aren't responsible for him (and how many of us are 'trapped' because they have no where else to go, no one else who accepts their behaviour, or provides for them?) Really, you aren't. If he's left before, presume he has somewhere to go? Can you change the locks and perhaps have someone stay with you (or you with them), if you're worried about what he might do? Sending a hug x

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