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Thank you for your message. It has helped a lot. I will talk to my teenagers. He’s not their dad so no legal issues to worry about. I doubt he would have contact after we split! Mine have been through so much already that this is going to be hard but the madness of isolation and lock down means I have more time to help them through than I’m ever likely to again. I feel like I have to take this opportunity. I hope my partner can recover, but it is clear that he won’t do it yet and he is doing more harm than good being with me now. I have tried everything I can to help and nothing is helping because he isn’t ready. It is heartbreaking but I know there’s no more I can do.


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Fed up of being strong by

I am in a really similar position. It is so hard. But it is not your responsibility to keep him alive/off the streets. If you don’t want to or can’t go on in this relationship, and that happens, it won’t be your fault. It will be his doing. It took me a long time to learnt that this is his responsibility but I still catch myself trying not to set him off or catch him out. Then I have to stop and tell myself that he will do what he wants to do no matter what I do so there’s no point in me getting stressed about it. It helps to a certain extent. I don’t cry and shout and get very stressed but I can’t sleep, hence writing this at 1:43am! I don’t know what the solution is but for now, work on putting responsibility back on him x

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