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Insomnia by

Hey First up congrats for your son, and to you for supporting him. Insomnia is well known when you stop taking an Opiate. Some people have a few days, some much longer, the thing to know and focus on is it will definitely come back sooner or later just hang in there. Some very obvious and simple tips of he hasn't already. During daylight hours be upright, and walking about. If he can - exercise, longer and harder the better though I suspect he may not feel like that at all. Anything he can do on that front do it - more the better. You are dead right about meds, it's just another pitfall. Natural things that can help are Tarte cherry juice, warm milk, almonds. Nothing is guaranteed as we are all different sadly, they did help me though. Also try reading rather than TV or iPads before bed, that did make a difference. And I know this sounds very hippy dippy, but guided sleep meditation got me through a couple of rough patches too. I know how hard this is, and it's a battle, but keep him going, you can get out the other side, I know as I have been there and done it

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Reaching the end of my rope by

Hey and welcome. Ok so he is a bonafide addict. One meeting a week don't do much. There are NA meetings all day every day in zoom, the suggestion is 90 meetings in 90 days to start when you are new, an hour or so a day from the comfort of your own home isn't much to ask if you really want to sort yourself out. Well done on doing research and stating boundaries - so many don't get that far and look for magic answers. Being honest is great, but not enough, action is needed here if he wants it enough. This will it get worse unless there is a change, and it has to come from him. This is no way your fault, and you are not there to sort someone else out, though of course you're want to support him. This is typical addict behaviour to justify the pickle they are in, I know this as I am one (recovering) by minimising my problems and blaming others I get to avoid the problem. Keep posting and thanks so much for sharing, it really helps everyone when someone shares

Daughter is pregnant still using ketamine by

Hi CJ Thanks for sharing, I couldnt pass on replying as that is an awful lot going on there. First thing I guess is do you know much about Autism? Reason I ask is I don't want to tell you things you already know - My son got a diagnosis at 3 which is very unusual, and my wife and I have doubts it's correct - however that hasn't stopped me learning all I can about it since (and he has some traits for sure) Autism in girls is usually quite hard to detect alot of the time for a number of reasons, so it being missed or overlooked isn't totally unusual. Autism also affects the person's relationship with the world and people. I have my own theory on autism and why drugs and alcohol are appealing but it isn't backed up with anything so i will refrain from sharing or posts get removed. Logically though if you suffer anxiety, have issues in your relationship with the world and people then you could see why escape is appealing. With regards to ketamine, that cannot be doing the baby any good so all you can do is try to reason with her and get her to see how that woukd impact the baby negatively. Does she have any idea about the autism? Reason I ask is people who don't are tortured wondering what is going on for them, and it helps massively to understand what is is and how It works, it's not good or bad it's simply a different wiring of the brain (which comes with a whole lot more) As for you, you need support and help too as this is a huge weight, can you get some counselling or local support? For now, try to keep all this in the day, one day at a time and not project about what will happen. I know its easier said than done! Keep us posted and good luck

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