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My husband and cocaine by

I've been married 8 years I have 2 kids. One day it was like my world fell apart he is a long haul trucker so it took me longer to see signs because he isnt home much irregular sleep etc. Is not unusual for that life. I still have no proof but my gut knows. He has become EVERYTHING he despises. I went from the love of his life to the reason for his misery "I ruined his happiness". He was an extremely loyal man he has now cheated on me with his ex best friends fiance he has volatile outbursts he stays away but in one place for ridiculously long periods like I truly believe his truck breaks down always in the same town...simple fixes take weeks to fix and he completely stopped financially supporting us (im a stay at he says oh ill transfer $ from the buisness account on Monday then Monday comes and ohh ummm my checks negative and apparently has been for MONTHS...he goes a week without calling the kids then lies and says he has been calling everyday. He hung up on my 7 year old and lied about it. He blames depression...coming from a guy that won't admit to having seasonal allergies. Im sure he needed an excuse to guilt me into not leaving him over his horrific treatment of myself our kids and whole family. I filed for divorce now and he only cares about child support begging me not to ask for child support... the man that would give his children elaborate gifts before doesnt even feed them now. Ive had to get food stamps and move in with family. He had his car repossessed and has collection agencies calling everyday. His excuse for his bad choices (he has yet to admit to drugs) is I wont change so he can't change...I take all his happiness away...being with me is hard... I trigger his anger by having emotions or saying things he doesn't like. I started believing myself to be a soul sucking monster woman that I was so horrible I made him stop loving me and start pulling away from even his kids. Until enough people opened my eyes to the reality of drugs and I did my research now that I have confronted him he has cut all contact with me and is hiding from our divorce... my life is spiraling

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