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New to this devastation. My son and cocaine by

Hi Everyone, I first came to this Forum completely destroyed as a family when our beautiful baby boy started using cocaine in 2017 aged 18. We paid thousands out to his debt and got nowhere, paid for counselling and even paid him for a clean urine tests, bought an old car on a promise he would give up but nothing stopped it. After writing my thoughts here at my lowest point as we sat in the dark one night because drug dealers were coming to the door for money after he’d been sacked from a fabulous job, I felt so ashamed I wished him dead and even thought of taking my own life due to the burning shame I felt. I just want you to know that he has been clean since August 2019, he is still slowly paying off debts to us and friends (he owed £1000’s), but he is now working full time and although I still worry sick every time he is late or he drinks too much he is CLEAN. I am so grateful for all the support on here and from our other children (we never told anyone else) . I’m sure your day will come too. He said he stopped because it wasn’t fun anymore and he was sick of his sh*t life. His MH has been terrible. I pray he continues to remain well and I hope that your children too are able to recover. It’s our hearts, self-worth and mental health that will take a bit longer. I miss my old carefree life so much, but we are happy to take this new normal and be grateful for what we have. The best thing we ever did was to stop helping xx

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Guilt by

I am so sorry this is your story, we found out in the summer our 22yr old son has a cocaine addiction. It has been the worst few months of our lives. We bailed him out in June and he has just gone out and run up the same debt and more. A counsellor told us we had to be clear with him and we must no longer enable him to continue without taking responsibility, it’s awful but the only way. I think you are doing the right thing. It’s tough love but we are praying it works. I wish you well, no parent deserves this xx


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Desperate by

Hey, I’m so sorry you are dealing with addiction, it is devastating isn’t it, my beautiful adorable 22 year old (button) is lost to the world of cocaine. It has devastated our family so I really feel your pain so much. As I have learned, until he is ready to quit there is nothing you can do. I hope you get your son back one day soon. It is a lonely place for a mum, I feel like such a failure as a parent but we have to tell ourselves this isn’t our fault. Sending you a hug x

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