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Dihydrocodeine and me by

Hi, we live in Scotland too and our beautiful, handsome graduate son is in addiction recovery after making poor life choices that has shocked us all to the core. Finally after months of trying to recover on his own, we finally convinced him to join Cocaine Anon and WOW what a difference in his recovery. Just to be clear, any addict can join these groups (members at his include prescribed meds addiction, gambling, alcohol, drugs etc). He feels safe to share, gets awesome support and no longer feels he is the “only one” in this mess. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Good luck x

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My Codeine problem by

Well done so far, I use this forum because of the shame we feel about our youngest son’s addiction. All our children are graduates and we’re doing fantastically well, sad,y his revelation has almost destroyed us and saddled us with incredible debts. We are so happy he has finally taken the brave step and gone to Cocaine Anon (you can attend with any addiction) a few miles from where we live, and it has been so good for him. He can freely and confidentiality share his addiction / recovery story and benefits from the support so much. Be proud of yourself but don’t be frightened to seek help. Good luck on your recovery journey, your family needs you x

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Guilt by

I am so sorry this is your story, we found out in the summer our 22yr old son has a cocaine addiction. It has been the worst few months of our lives. We bailed him out in June and he has just gone out and run up the same debt and more. A counsellor told us we had to be clear with him and we must no longer enable him to continue without taking responsibility, it’s awful but the only way. I think you are doing the right thing. It’s tough love but we are praying it works. I wish you well, no parent deserves this xx


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Desperate by

Hey, I’m so sorry you are dealing with addiction, it is devastating isn’t it, my beautiful adorable 22 year old (button) is lost to the world of cocaine. It has devastated our family so I really feel your pain so much. As I have learned, until he is ready to quit there is nothing you can do. I hope you get your son back one day soon. It is a lonely place for a mum, I feel like such a failure as a parent but we have to tell ourselves this isn’t our fault. Sending you a hug x