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10 Days into Codeine recovery by

So I thought I would share my journey. I am now just finishing up day 10 from my last dose of codeine phosphate and sophodine+. Today has been a breakthrough day. I feel as positive as ever and last night I had my first proper sleep. I have been taken 5HTP, CBD tablets, Vitamin B and some night nurse at night for sleeping. I can honestly say I had no depression today and I also didn’t think about taking codeine once today and even now I have no cravings. I am so glad I decided to quit as I was becoming a slave the drug. I have probably spent close to £4K on cocodamol over the last 6 months. This month I have so much more thins I want to spend this money on. This site helps a lot and reading peoples stories. It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone. Thanks

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Codeine withdrawal by

I had a view cravings today but I managed to get through it. They only lasted a couple of minutes. I started listening to some tunes that I used to listen to before i was an addict. It helped a lot. Starting to feel a lot better at the end of day 4. I drove past a couple of pharmacies and could t believe that I used to look at them and think I haven’t been there yet I can grab some solphadine + im there and then hit the pharmacy across the street. What we are going through now is a small price to pay to allow us to rid ourselves of this need to take painkillers which ultimately are trying to kill us. I hope you are doing ok hayloz

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Codeine relapse after 24 days... by

I know how you feel. Its very dificult to look at these and then in your head you say " i will just take a couple to take the edge of the day, nothing more". Then the high starts to sunside and you say maybe just 2 more. Then the next day you say sure I will just finnish this box and I will go back off them. Then it begins all over again. Its really hard. I have 220 at my dispaosal and are holding onto them because i think that if I have them and resist them i will be straonger. If I can get throguh to next wednesday wothout touching them I think I will be ok. Stay strong

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