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Boyfriend with cocaine addiction by

Hey guys! I’m new here… little background: I knew he was using a couple times a week mostly with friends… I said I don’t wanna know it don’t see it and if it doesn’t affect our relationship I’m ok with it as it’s not my body and I haven’t seen any mood swings or signs… then he moved 15 hrs away with me from his friends who has been doing it with and I don’t drink smoke and have any friends around here who would gave him access… I know his friend is sending him a tiny bit every few weeks or so.. and I can tell when he using it he is a lot more sexual and upbeat. He basically stopped drinking barely smoke cigarettes and only smokes pot and when he has is I think he does it a tiny bit every other day or so.. I can hear it.. no crash no staying up late what would bother me, going to work, acting normal and actually super affectionate and very sweet like when I met him. He is actually sweeter when he is on it then when he is going through some withdrawals.. it happened once in every months that he is absolutely turned away from me, depressed, non talkative, non responsive to me no affection altough I can tell he is trying to at least act like friends or roommates… I can’t tell if it’s just depression, something upsets him and he isn’t ready to talk or it’s withdrawal… I have a feeling he is trying to kick the habit some as he is able stop smoking for days or week and only drink a couple drink if we go out to eat… I’m so confused and hurt when he all of the sudden out of the blue changes his behavior to cold and basically ignoring me…is anyone in My situation when he ignores plans and withdraw from you and being a total different person the a couple days later everything is back to normal when he snorts it again here and there..

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