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Just when you think things cannot get any worse ....... by

Hi Huddle It totally destroys everything and gradually takes you with it. Don’t let it destroy you. We were always the strong ones in the family ... the ones everyone else would turn to when they needed help or advice. Thanks to this, I’m now the one left trying to keep the plates spinning (although the ones at the edge are beginning to fall and smash). I would never have described myself as needing help or support, but am now beginning to realise that sometimes things are just to big to carry alone. I have made contact with a local support group as there are times when I get to the end of my tether when I just hit a brick wall. Apart from wishing it would all just go away, I just need practical advise about how to live with this. In saying all that and as painful as it may be, I can always just throw in the towel and just walk away. This is not something I want, but in the end I suppose it’s an option. I truly feel for other members of the forum where this is not an easy option (son or daughter). Onwards and upwards xxx

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I had no idea my boyfriend was a cocaine addict by

Brrwz. Everyone’s story overlaps and I see much of my partners behaviour in ur story. Sometimes it just help to get it out. I go through every emotion - anger, hate, frustration, sympathy almost every day. We’re at the stage where it’s not even mentioned (it’s like the elephant in the room). I hope for your sake maybe he will succeed in giving it up at some point. You need to look after yourself and stay strong x

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