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I wish I did have control, I wish we both did had enough that we could stop them being this way. You made a good decision not to have children with your husband if that is the way he was. He may of only got worse. With my last pregnancy it came as a shock there was a fairly large gap between them and I wasn't sure I wanted to do it again. He did, so we decided to go ahead little did I know that just before I gave birth he would start this horrendous habit. Im glad I've had my baby but if knew what would have happened I'm not sure i would of. I fell pregnant again after but obviously knowing what he was I didn't carry on I live with that guilt all the time. Him on the other hand hasn't gave it a second thought. Hope your OK xx

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My ex is addicted to crack and heroin by

Hi everyone So basically a year ago I found out my ex was using crack and that caused our relationship to end. In the year that followed we've been through a roller coaster of ups and downs. Then after his disappeared again I reported him missing and he turned up after being attacked with a knife. Since then he been staying with under the understanding he'll seek help, so a couple of weeks ago he went to get help and they put him on methadone. I was very suspicious as I was under the impression that he was using crack only. Anyway last week he confirmed my suspicion and it was like being back and the beginning. So he's still using both and on methadone, yesterday I noticed a change in him I foolishly thought he was making progress but it turns out I'm an idiot. He disappeared from around 3 til 8.30 which I know isn't long but he hasn't done that at all since he's been back and now today he's claimed he's poorly first time in about 3 weeks I knew. He asked for his dose of methadone and when we had words I gave it him. But while I went to get he took my car keys and hasn't been seen since. I'm sick of trying to help him and it being thrown in my face. We have children and social services are involved because of him using and they've been pretty good about him being here but now I feel like maybe it's time to cut him loose. Any advice ?

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My husband is a cocaine addict by

No it isn't your fault at all, don't blame yourself. It's his fault and his fault alone. It's funny how we get accused of affairs and things when it's them doing wrong. I feel miserable and stuff most of the time too and that is due to them and their habit grinding us down. They are so self-centered they can't see the damage their doing because they feel their drugs make them happy. I wish I could say something positive to pick you up but unfortunately I don't. Take care of yourself x

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You don't take drugs, the drugs take you ... by

You guys are so brave. This is undoubtedly the worst thing I've ever gone through. My ex he's on crack but now I'm starting to believe he's on heroin too. How do i find out ? The reason I believe this is when he wakes up he says his stomach is killing him, like someone is punching him in the stomach and he says his legs hurt and sometimes he can't move for the pain. I was told it's heroin that does that not crack. Do any of you know if that's true ?

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I know exactly how your feeling as I am feeling the same thing. My, i will say ex I don't class him as my boyfriend now but to be honest i don't know what we are anymore of almost 20 years took on a crack habit 17 months ago and I have never felt so hurt,angry and betrayed in all my life. I don't know what to do on one hand I want to try and help him get off it on the other i want to wash my hands of him. Want complicates things for us is we have children and now other people are involved and I feel suffocated by it all. Like I'm being punished.