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Partner broke me by

Back again, I finally snapped tried to take mylife, the had to do CPR on me I've been on suicide watch police arrested my partner cos a member of the public saw him throwing me out of the car & then back in & out again. The aggression getting worse & he made me feel like everything was my fault why he disappears on drugs & spent another 4 grand in 2 weeks. The police have made me realise hes mentally abused me, it took him 2 days to see if I was ok & said he had been I'll & hes sorry. now the abuse has started going to take the dog, I didnt want to write a statement to get an injunction but I have no choice. Anyone with a cocaine addict partner get out there never change, my son neally lost his mum cos of my partners addiction

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Back again by

I'm sorry your going through this, I'm going through it with my partner/ex now he tried committing suicide last time we split up & I took him back but he didn't change he was spending 100 a day & I've had to kick him out he's on his mums sofa. I have found out that u can get him sectioned if u are the next of kin, I wasn't married so it is down to my ex mum but she won't cos she hasn't lived it along as me, I hope u can help him it's harder when it's your son x


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At a loss by

That's what I'm about he's hit rock bottom living on someone sofa got nothing blames me for everything for not trusting him, but how could I when he was spending 500 a week on drugs, it was like looking after a child he would go to the shops not come home I would be hunting with my son to find my car. I know in a few months he'll be sorry & get help but I'll be waiting for the relapse & I have to go through it again, I feel like I've lost my soul mate & my life's finished I'm not in good place & he done this to me

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