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My husband and his cocaine addiction by

I sympathise with your story. After being with a meth user for 4years (recently broken up) one thing I wish I would of done is set boundaries and stuck to them. If you say something then stuck to it they need to know the consequences of their actions as hard as it maybe. I too told him not in the house but each time he said it would never happen again and it did. I believed him every time. From my experience once the trust is broken it’s haed to get back you are also wondering is he, he needs to earn it back. You can suggest drug rehab etc but unless he is wanting to change and not just say what you want to hear then things will stay the same or get worse. Sorry it’s not good advice just my experience but please remember to put yourself and your kids first.

Cocaine addiction. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? by

Your story is very similar to mine except he was a meth user and I stay for 4years, thinking that he would change he tried rehab and counseling na meetings but he always went back to meth. He would be clean for a couple months then start lying, missing important dates. I took told control of the finances he asked me to then I would find things around the house missing my jewellery his work tools etc he sold them. He manipulated me so much that I was blind to how bad his addiction was. I left him not because I don’t love him or I don’t want to support him but I had to put myself first as hard as it was, I had been so focused on him and trying to sober that I lost myself. And me trying to fix him wasn’t the answer. He needs to do the work he needs to want to be sober not for anybody else other then himself and only then will rehab, therapy work.

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