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Codeine relapse after 24 days... by

Hi, I really think you have done so well with very little support from your GP. It's just one relapse and you seem determined not to go out and buy any more. I can understand why you are angry with drs and Addaction. However, when you have calmed down it may be worth contacting Addaction as there may be other support they can offer. I really don't have any knowledge about codeine addiction only what I read on here. Anyway keep up the good work and onwards and upwards.

Lapsed after 6 week on coke again :( by

Hi Danman, not much to add with regard to seeing my son but just thought I would update. He worked on a job with his dad the other day and he tried to get him to come and have lunch at our house so he could see me. He wouldn't come and told his dad it's because he is embarrassed and he is scared of me asking questions. I am still leaving it as so far I have done all the running. His brother is having a football party for his son and all the kids are invited so we will see whether he brings them. Anyway hope you have a brill day with you son. Hope you find some hidden treasure ☺️

Worried about my daughter who may be taking Cocaine by

Hello, this all sounds very similar to my son who is/was taking cocaine. When he had his kids I would buy food for them. I ended up buying all their Christmas presents and food a couple of years ago. Eventually he kept putting me off going to his house, he stopped giving me his washing and borrowing my Hoover. When I got to see the house it was an absolute mess and took weeks to clean before it was eventually sold. All that you have said about your daughter is just like my son - blocked nose, sniffing, mood swings etc. I would suggest trying to speak to your daughter whilst it Is still early days and before she gets in too deep. If she loves her kids maybe focus on how her behaviour is affecting her kids. My son has had periods where he hasn't seen his kids for months at a time (they live with their mums). It's difficult as we tried to support our son through a drug counselling service but he stopped going and now I haven't seen him since November but my husband manages to text him and get a reply. Danman is right though unless your daughter wants to stop there is nothing you can do. That's why I thought if you can focus on her kids it may make her think about it more. We have tried everything with our son and have always been there for him but he has literally cut us off and we don't know what he is up to. We went to counselling ourselves when he was staying with us which may help you get some support, again through the local NHS addiction and counselling service. Any more questions just ask.

Lies by

Hi, it sounds a bit like he has moved from one addiction to another i.e. First alcohol then cocaine. Also taking both is not a good combination as alcohol is a depressant and cocaine is a high. It also seems like he keeps pushing the boundaries and if you are not happy then you need to tell him. It may be that he has decreased his alcohol intake in order to take the cocaine. All I know is that with cocaine you have to nip it in the bud as one line once week or less soon becomes much more and then it becomes really difficult to stop. It doesn't seem like your partner is admitting that he Has a problem and until he does that and he himself wants to stop there is very little you can do. If you read through some of the other posts on here about cocaine addiction you will get some useful information and advice. You take care.

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