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Coming off codeine/tramadol by

Hi Panioslife How are things? I am currently on day 18 without any Codeine, I have just gone cold turkey. in my eyes it was the best option as if you taper you're always chasing the next fix but it depends what works best for you, I am 30 year old man and I was taking around 30 codeine a day 10 at a time on most days this went on for 5 years. I feel i am 95% back my old self. OI did get anxiety but it was only mild and passed quick. You went 42 days without them this must mean you can do it again but for longer, you know you can do it. which is great. Have you spoken with your GP?

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Codeine Addict Needs Tapering Advice by

Hi Cheryl and Jess, I am getting on well Cheryl, day 16 now for me now, feel about 90% still getting the odd craving but manageable. that's great though, keep tapering them down. I did get some anxiety but it was very mild (never had any mental illness) so it was quite new, but it passed very quick. I would of tapered but I honestly had enough of being a slave to them and just needed them out of my life. Yes, when I was going through the withdrawals I couldn't wait to get in bed and get the day done with. when you both get through this you'll look back and you'll laugh. Stay Positive ladies, you're both getting closer to getting rid of this for the rest of your lives.

by SW2630

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Can you help me make sense of my situation? Is there any hope...Husband becomes agressive when drinking..... by

Hi Genki, How are you doing? No man, should ever even raise a fist to a women. You can't blame yourself else it will kill you inside. Sometimes people change and you will always be fighting to find the man he used to be. If this guy loved you as much as you do him he would knocked all of this on the head for the sake of the relationship. In my opinion I would let him go and find happiness somewhere else before you start wasting more and more years trying to help and protect this man. Cut of all ties and if it is meant to be he will come back clean away from drink. This is the thing about drink, it's cheap, it's legal and you can nip 5 minutes down the road to get some however it is the most lethal of all drug in my eyes. I was talking to a drug/alcohol worker a few days ago and she said ' out of all the people she deals with, the people addicted to drugs aren't to bad to deal with, but the worst are the alcoholics as they're so aggressive and violent'

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Codine & diazepam addiction by

Wow, this is seems very similar to me, I am 29 and have been taking Zapains for around 5 years. I was taking 35 a day / getting 120 prescribed every 3/4 days without a blink of an eye from the doctors. How are you getting on now Dan? I hope it's good news mate? I am currently 8 days cold Turkey, and still fighting, nobody knows what I have been going through, done all the withdrawals myself, going to work, looking after my 3 month old daughter etc. I am still getting urges to get some, or even nipping the chemist to get some Solpadine, the main thing that is keeping me going is not wanting to go through the physical withdrawal process again but after the withdrawal process you won't want to take them Mate, if you can fight the first 8 days you can pull through. Honestly, when i was on them I was so emotionless and emotionally dethatched, to everyone and everything, I just didn't care. Eating crap, smoking and not being bothered about my health.... What I have done is - got back in the gym, Valerian root extract for the mild anxiety and help sleep, black coffee to get me through work and tried to think positive and smile mate. if you need any advice let me know, I hope you have pulled through the other side fella.

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Codine by

Hi Silentheart. Did you manage to escape the drug? reading the thread is so similar to me. blagging I am going on Holiday / working away every other week to get my codeine early but I realised I didn't need too as my Dr would just approve them every 3 to 4 days online, i was taking 120 tablets every 4 days and would still need more. I am 8 days cold turkey now. I don't agree with retroheadz though, it is possible to fight it on your own, nobody has a clue what I am going through, but it would make it easier to speak to your husband.

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I’m so stressed my partner a coke addict by

Hi Roo, I agree with Dan, as hard as it is you need to leave this man. It wasn't his mates looking up prostitutes it was him. One of my best friends has done this sort of stuff to me trying to get me to take the blame for this kind of behaviour. The more you forgive him the more he will think he can get away with don't deserve it. The last think you want is a child with this Man, you need to leave him ASAP.


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