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Codeine dependent with depression. So scared to come off by

Cold turkey IMO is best and quickest way. I took codeine for about 10 years and went cold turkey 7-8 weeks ago and still clean with no cravings and no depression. Week 1 will be aches, restless legs, insomnia, loose bowls but they do fade away quickly then up to week 4 you will feel depressed with no energy or motivation but you just have to remember that it does get better and easier and I’m speak from experience it is totally worth it I feel a million times better than when I was taking codeine

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Looking for help with getting off Codeine. by

Hi guys I too was addicted to codeine and I’m currently 7-8 weeks clean now the physical side was easier than the mental side, just like you I suffered the depression and I never thought it would get better but it did I just kept at it and after 4-5 weeks it started to lift and currently I’m almost back to my old self the only issue I have is energy levels but day bu day that gets better too, there is light at the end of the tunnel you just have to take it hour by hour and it’s totally worth it Good luck

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Codeine withdrawal by

Hi guys, I was addicted to codeine just like you I’m now roughly 7 weeks clean I stopped counting a while ago. I was taking it on and off for 10 years and then the last 2 years I was taking about 420mg a day of N+ so the ibuprofen was likely killing me slowly but now I’ve stopped my body is healing well and I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight which is great for me ! The first week is worst for physical withdrawals just try get plenty of light excercise as it takes your mind off it and tires you out, try eat plenty of fruit and avoid processed foods as your body needs a good amount of energy to digest it, keep hydrated and rest as much as possible you have to remember your body is poorly and needs rest to recover. After week 1 the physical symptoms have all but gone but the next 3 weeks for me personally were a battle I had some light depression and insomnia but it DOES get better you just have to remember it’s temporary. Now on around week 7 myself I feel 95% my normal self and it’s great and totally worth it ! Stick with it guys and good luck !

My Codeine problem by

Hi needachat. Firstly how long is it since you went cold turkey ? If it’s been a while the dependency usually sets in around 2 weeks but if it’s only been a few weeks since you quit then that could be shorter. I never had any respiratory issues when I was addicted so I can’t offer any advice on that I’m afraid. I took the stuff for 10+ years and I’m 6-7 weeks into recovery now and I’d say I’m 90% back to the person I was

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Here I go... by

Hey Purrdy ! First of all well done on making the first steps and admitting your addiction and secondly well done in telling those close to you that’s the problem halved instant ! I myself was addicted to codeine on and off for around 12 years ! I quit cold turkey imo was the best way for me and my circumstances. In the beginning it was hell the physical withdrawals are a walk in the lark compared to the mental withdrawals it took approx 2-3 weeks for my body to feel normal again but the mental side wasn’t as quick but I’m 6 weeks clean on Friday and I’m 95% towards the person I was before I feel fantastic ! And you will too, it was hard especially in the first 2 weeks I was living in the moment thinking the depression would never go away and it would be like this forever but I can tell you from experience that it DOES get better and easier each day that passes. I’m here to give you any advice you need because as good as it is telling your loved ones and medical professionals they still don’t quite understand exactly what we are going thru and how hard it really is. Good luck on your journey you will absolutely smash it ! Keep us posted !

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