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Lapsed after 2 month without coke :( by

Well i cant remem telling you.. but i asked my gf for help and just stay intogether till our hol in july.. and help me not get coke for 6 month.. just see how i am then.. Then 8 weeks clean she said.. we have been invited to her mates dads party.. i said no.. i dont want use.. she said u be fine.. and i didnt want stay in on my own.. so i went, got drunk and got some coke.. Ive never been so pissed off in my life.. part of me blames her and part me.. but that was like 2 3 week ago now. And ive not used since and ive no intentions to. Its just because i was out. I was down for a whole week after that Just 1 little favour i asked and she couldnt do it lol. She made me stay in when she was preggers for 9 month! But when i need the help. Nooo. But it will wind me up knowing shes out and im stuck in.. but ill have accept it. How you doing anyway? Hows your bf?

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when do you give up by

Hi ive got a coke problem. And i hate the stuff! Im doing my best to stop! I had a lapse after 2month last week. But im back not having it again this week. I have a gf and good job and a fam of 4 kids. When hes saying a life of women and coke and partying? I take this is other women? And not you?. I can give you loads of advice for him to stop but im not. Im going to be honest. Id grab your fuking kids and run. And dnt look back. He does not care by the looks of it. And him disappearing, he prob has cheated.. i might be wrong. But i recan he as on that stuff. You need seriously think is he gonnna stop? Does he want to? What means more u and the kids.. or coke and partying and women.. then theres your answer what to do I want to stop.. im doing everything possible to.. ive deleted all mates nums.. dealers.. deleted facebook.. took up reading decorating. More time with kids and gf. My life feels so much better. But he thinks of himself by the looks of it.. so you need to!

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I think I’m an addict and I need help by

Aright mate..ive got a coke problem. I was 2 month clean till last week. But im back to not having it this week. I was having it in the house on my own after my nights out had stopped. I hate the stuff and im doing my best to stop. A few facts tho here mate.. if you have had coke for 6 month, weather its once a month for 6 month. Your adddicted to it! It sends you suicidal! Depressed all on come downs. You tube louise clarke crack-cocaine part 1 2 3. Shes an expert and you will learn alot about the stuff and how to stop. My trigger for getting it, its alcohol.. so i cant drink anymore. If you want to quit.. you have to want to quit.. delete every ones nums out your phone to do with coke. Change your routine around. Dont go out with coke heads at night. And gods honest truth.. its only get worse. You do need help.. as you know it your self. Do you dream about using it?

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