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How to feel about it? by

I know what you mean that you just want the best for him. But then it's that old saying.. About taking a horse to water, but you can't make it drink it. It's mad how many people drink after work and don't think they have a problem. Like a can or 2 after a bath at night and that. You do end up relying on it. It's natural to ponder things, we all do it and question things I wouldn't worry about it. It just shows we care. Your right it is like counselling haha. But it does work talking to others and venting your frustration or even helping others. I always say that one person can just say one thing and it can change your life. I'm probably going over the top here, but it's true. That's why I've always come on here, it helps me and if I can give some good advice, both see the benefits. Thanks so much for that it means a lot ❤️x

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Addiction to cocaine by

Hiya Brooke hope your OK. I'm 106 days clean from coke today. He did well to get for them months but he can never drink again really. Not if he wants to quit coke. Alcohol is the main trigger to get coke. Normally after months of being clean we tell ourselves.. We can have one drink, one will be OK, I won't get any coke. But then everything just falls to pot. I decided to join cocaine anonymous and I'm working the 12 steps and I have a sponsor. Not to sure if u know much about this. But step 4 is were we right down are resentments, fears and sexual conduct down. This can take a few week to do, and the resentments we have is a big part why we can use. Mine was my dad giving me a lot of emotional crap when I was younger. I'm not fully blaming him as we make our own choices. But it doesn't help. Anyway the escorts regarding your bf, cocaine can make you do seedy things, I could go on all day about it but I won't. I cheated on my partner during being on coke. If he's still messaging girls and wants be a family. He could be still using coke. Do u still want to be with him while he's doing this?

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Cocaine by

Ahh Good. To stop I've done a lot of things. Defo delete all dealers nums, even fam and friends who use. Delete Facebook and other social media sites, as u can message dealers on there, plus seeing pics of other people all happy and drinking makes u want to use. I listen to recovery stories everyday on podcast and you tube. You need to change your whole routine around and do new hobbies. Avoid triggers, no alcohol what so ever. That worked for a few week maybe a month or 2 and I kept relapsing. Then I finay joined CA anonymous on boxing day and I've been clean since. It's the best thing I've done. Have u tried meetings? Would u?

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Don’t know where to start by

Thanks for that. Basically they are on zoom for now through CA website, there are some face 2 face now though. U sit and listen to other addicts, some have years clean time, some have less, some have just relapsed. You listen to the similarities in there stories and you relate to them. You swap numbers and part of the 12 steps is to text or phone at least 3 to 5 people each day. Talking to other addicts work. You get a sponsor aswell who u work the steps and you phone them everyday. And when u feel like using,And they talk u out of it. And trust me it works! U don't have to talk at 1st just listen and don't be put off by the god talk. There is none of that what your partner is saying. They all want to get clean. Obv u might get the odd 1. But everyone is loving and supportive it really works! Tell him he's being daft and download zoom and get on a meeting with me. I can give u details and times.

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Husband is an addict by

Hiya, hope you are OK. Im 3 month clean from coke after using for about 11 year. Of course your husbands behavior is because of the coke. It does make you want sex and it can lead to other seedy things. I took it in the house on my own, I thought I was the only person that does it. When it's wearing off it's called a come down and this makes you feel depressed and can make u feel suicidal for days. Probably why he is snappy, and no sleep, shitty food, negative thoughts. Don't blame any of this on you. We as addicts make our own decisions. Some can because of childhood traumas from what I've been learning. If he wants to quit he needs to want to for himself. No point in saying he has to. Because he won't. He needs delete all dealers nums and friends and fam who use. Come off Facebook and other social media. This makes u want to use, and message dealers. He prob is off his head adding these girls on fb aswell. I finally joined CA meetings and got a sponsor after vowing never to go there. And I've been clean ever since and I'm so much happier now. Feel free to ask me anything

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First post...looking for help. by

Hiya, hope you are OK. Im 3 month clean from coke today. I've been addicted for 11 year or 12. I can go on all day about it but I'll try and keep it short. You can be addicted to coke just having it once a month for years. As you still go back to it. Mine was every week. Or every few week. Some times once a month. U don't have to be using everyday to be an addict. I've tried quitting for the last 5 to 6 years I think. I tried everything. Hypnotist, I've cut all my mates off, come off social media, delete dealers numbers. But I finally joined cocaine anonymous in Dec and I've been clean since. I've never felt happier. Anyways.. It sounds like he's gone worse by using it in the house. That's what happened to me. Is he drinking in the week. Alcohol is the main trigger to get coke. I can have 1 sip and I'm on the phone to my dealer. Plus he needs to want to quit for himself. You can give him ultimatums but when his addiction kicks in he will go to coke. He needs to want to quit and get a good support network, and get rid of everyone to do with coke in his life. When coke wears off you go on a downer for days feeling depressed and suicidal. Just have a quiet word with him and see what he says. Feel free to ask me anything

Heartbroken and need help by

Running is good for your health and releases endorphins which makes you happy. I was in the same situation with my ex, 4 year I wasn't allowed to do nothing. I wasn't even allowed to watch films over PG rating! Or watch TV on my own. Long story. Had no mates. It's hard when its like this you think that there is nothing else out there or better. But there is! You will get what you deserve it just takes time. Just don't ever go back if he's controlling you. Just start planning your future now 💪💪 thanks for that 😊

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