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Hope your alright mate.. ive got a coke problem. But im doing my best to quit. Im lapsing every 4 week. But it varys it can be longer. And i cant stand the stuff. Going back to your questions.. he has to want to quit.. and then you can help and support him. Maybe he needs to hit rock bottom. My rock bottom was when i was on a bad downer and wanted to commit suicide. Then the next day i just thought of my kids and what it would do to them. It broke me. But i still have not fully got rid of it. Either get rid if hes not prepared to get a job, or he keeps robbing or lying. Or sit him down ask him does he want to quit it? Do you still love or want to be with him? Or just there for his health? Because you have your own life aswell. He has to sort himself. And seek the help. Im doing a few things to help me.

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Coke rules my life by

Ye course it will still be hot.. was 35 degrees when i was there for a few days. I wouldnt worry about it haha i thought.. shes having a rant here lmao.. I think a week is more than enough anyway. I get way too bored. My gf just wants sit by the pool and i hate it. I get so bored and just want to go for a mooch. Were abouts are you going? Well its good hes not relapsed. I wanted to stay in turkey away from it all. I think if its near you, thats why you get it because you no you can. How many horses have you got? You dont look the type that has a horse lol dont take that in a bad way lol x

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My advice is.. and its your life so do what you feel is best for you, so dont be saying.. im not taking any advice off him lol So you could either.. if you still want to be with him, move him back in on the condition he cleans his act up, stays away from bad people and help you and the baby. Your going to need rest when the baby is born and help with night feeds and so on. It really is draining. He cant go awol and have his phone off. And he gets help for the coke. Im only saying this because if you want to be with him and not living together, it will be a lot harder for you and he will just be on that stuff most of the time. Or just go it alone, if hes not prepared to get his act together. Which will be hard for you. But it will just make you ill. Most women on here will tell you get out now while you can who have partners on coke. And they are right. But time is a great healer. But i hope you sort it what ever happens.

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Hope your ok mate.. my sister is a social worker and works with drug councilors and 1 guy who had a coke problem was an easy jet pilot.. so it does happen to the best of us. How old are you now then? And im 3 week clean today from coke. Im roughly having it once a month, may be longer.. give or take. I hate the stuff and im doing my very best to stop it. There is a lot of things that you need to do to stop it, one of the main triggers is alcohol. If i have any, i am on the phone to my mate getting the stuff. So i dont drink anymore. Im in turkey on hol now.. and i am drinking but i have no urge for it here, its probably because i know i cant get it. But if you really dont want the stuff and drinking is your trigger. You are going to have to quit drinking im afraid. If you go to partys , pubs, bbqs, ect... you can not drink! And dont think you will be ok! Trust me.. you wont be! You need to change your life around, change the drinking and going out for hobbies, anything you want.. maybe something that you have never done before. How often do you drink? Coke? And how much coke? Im always here if u need out btw

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