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My ex has been a cocaine addict and now I think he’s cheated by

This is exactly what a come down does to you and sadly can lead to suicide. Me and my mate from the CA meeting was talking yesturday how it kills so many people. But it's not from over dose, but from suicide because what it does to you mentally. That's just going to happen all the time I'm afraid.. Its the same for most addicts. They know what the end results are but that 20 mins of high, seems to make it seem better. When that's far from the truth. Its just a vicious circle. He really needs just to think and tell him self I've had enough that's it now.

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Relapsed after 4 month by

Just spend as much time together as you can. You will both need each other❤️. Its 100 percent not his fault. Sometimes we just get stuck in hole and its hard to get out of. Your right it is an illness and alot of people don't see this. My ex gf who I have kids with, her 21 year old cousin did the same, and his mum, well she found him aswell. And seeing the pain on there faces was heart breaking. And that will stay with me. Sending lots of love x

Feeling the devastation by

I can imagine it is heartbreaking for you. I've seen what it did to my ex. But she used the odd time aswell. But it's all the lies and dishonesty that comes with addiction is horrible. All I can suggest is to keep communicating with people in your situation and talk to family members. It really does help talking to someone. And maybe go out with friends to take your mind away from things. I know it's easier said than done. But you deserve to be happy.

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Recovering from years of believing he would change by

Hiya herbie, I hope your OK. Really sorry to hear your situation. It's must be horrible for you. None of his drinking is your fault for a start. You deserve better than this and if he is not prepared to get help then you need to look up other options. You don't need or deserve this mental and verbal abuse from him. I don't know your situation, like are u married, is it your home aswell ect.. And I know how hard it is financially being on your own. So if you are married and own the home. Can you not threaten him with divorce and sell up and go your own way ect.. If you don't own it and have no money ect.. Just try and save up in the mean time. But I don't know your situation so I'd do what's best for you And your mental health should be at the very top. And you need to be happy, and pardon my French.. you should not put up with his shit any longer. ❤️

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Feeling distraught by

Paul I have a cocaine addiction and I'm over 2 month clean now. You are not at fault! The answer to it all is in your story.. Child hood trauma. This is a major factor in using drugs. It can be as little as anything. This is when we do the 12 steps in C A anonymous, on step 4 we do resentments we talk to our sponsor about every resentment we have from the past. And write them down. I had a lot to my dad because he scared me with his temper. A lot to my friend because he bullied us all. Some people have been abused sexually by family members. These deep down resentments hold us back. So we need to let go of them and move on. It really does work. There is a doctor who studies trauma and addiction, you can see his videos on you tube, Dr gabor I think his name is. Please stop thinking its you. You are doing your best.

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