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I I am new to this and don't no if im doing it proper by

You can't force him to go to a health place. He needs to do it for himself. I got off it by joining cocaine anonymous and I do meetings in my area in Manchester, and on zoom. If you tell me what area you are from I'll find out the days and times and we're they are on near u and put it on here. Then he needs to bet a sponsor and work the 12 steps. It's worth having a little read on Google. If u have never heard of C. A and the 12 steps. But I promise you this. If your son really wants to.stop.. This programme will help him.

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Cocaine addiction is ruining my life by

Hiya mate. I'm 5 month clean from cocaine now. Your story is same to mine. Going out and using. 10 years later addict using on your own. My best advice and what has worked for me is 1st off be honest with your partner tell her what you are doing if she doesn't know. Otherwise it's gonna be lie after lie. Which is not good in recovery. Then get your arse to a cocaine anonymous meeting and get a sponsor work the 12 steps and be honest. Change your life around cut people off, get a new sim card. Come off all social media. I would never of got this far clean without ca. Plus u can't drink ever again aswell. No. Drugs what so ever. I promise you hand on heart you will get better if u join. You make loads of clean friends and will get the help you need. Download zoom and go on ca website and you can do zoom meetings aswell. Do them every day. Don't be put off by ca regarding god and that. It's not all about god. And to be honest I get on my knees day and night and pray to God. And it keeps me clean. It's better than putting that crap in to. Just get it sorted today mate. Ignore your head saying don't bother ect... Your addict brain is so clever it does not want you to get better. It wants you to all its self. You got this mate. Just believe in yourself

My husband and cocaine by

Hiya Debbie hope your OK. Only just read the last few of these comments because there seems to be loads. I'm over month clean now from coke. And your going on about his lies ect.. That's part and parcel of being a addict. Sometimes we don't even know we're lying. Then there are lies that are just pointless lies. He can give u so many reasons why he's going to stop ect.. I did.. My 2nd kid was born.. Gonna.stop.. 7 years later my boy was born.. Gonna stop. Never happens. We will never stop for anyone. The only thing that will stop us or help us if we have enough pain. Meaning are rock bottom. And that's it, I've had enough of this crap mentality. There are women in the c.a meetings all nice woman, and have had there kids took off them. We can't stop for our kids. And this is the frightening thing about this drug. I had a few rock bottoms, 1 example I used in my house alone when kids were in bed and gf. Litrally when my bag was empty and nothing left.. I was crying, it's a horrible feeling, it sends u suicide and depressed for weeks. So I joined cocaine anonymous last year. I've had 3 month and 4 month and a few months here and there. But I'm now over 4 month and 10 days off my best clean time in 12 year. So In C. A you get a sponsor work the 12 steps, and you change your life around. One of the things is I cant lie.. Lying leads to using. I cut old friends off for good. They are not real mates. I've got new mates now all clean and I trust. I lead a honest life. I work for the Bank mon to fri.. But Sundays I now do care work which is rewarding and helps me. I can't drink anymore. I meditate. I'm a better dad. I feel so much happier now. I compare it to.. When your at school and not a worry in the world. That good feeling. I feel like that and I have my life back. But I am. Not cured. I have to do this program the rest of my life. I can go into more detail if your husband wants to stop Does he?? If he does not and its effecting you and your mental health, and financial health. Do u really want to keep putting up with that.. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me anything. Just making my tea so it's a bit rushed.. Sorry

Suey by

Sue also if u can. Read a book called... Mum can you lend me 20 quid? It's a true story by and English woman, who had twin boys, all had grammar education, she was teacher, and they turned to heroin ect.. But it's from the mums point of view. I won't tell u too much about it. But the mum now does a lot of charity work with addiction. But this will give u a better understanding what to do in your situation. It's a great read. And will help you. Well I think it will.

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Hiya anonymous girl, I'm Danny and I'm over 4 month clean from cocaine now and alcohol. I was never a bad drinker or I'd say alcoholic but I have had to admit I am an alcoholic as well. As it comes hand in hand. Just reading your story I get a lot from it and seen it with loads of people. So I joined cocaine anonymous and I work a 12 step programme. And it's keeping me clean.. There are some keys things in your story that stand out.. Since 12 you have had a strange relationship with alcohol, also your not that bad to wear u drink every day. 1st of you can be an addict if u use once a week or alcoholic. If I said to you now go 2 month without it. Do u think u could? Prob not but I don't know you. Plus this relationship since 12. That just sounds like a alcoholic talking. Alot of drinking and drugs using is caused by childhood trauma. This can be summat small from, bullying, not liking how we look, a death, then to big things like abuse. So if you go to cocaine anonymous or alcoholics annonymous and work a 12 step programme. And get a sponsor we address these under lying issues and it helps. Also you now need to change your daily routeing now, cut all friends out u drink with. Or don't go with them when they drink, do some new hobbies, eat healthy. Get to some meetings. Plenty of meditation. All this will sound weird but I am telling u now this helps. What u learn in C. A and A. A is us addicts have an allergy to drink and drugs we're people u know can have 1 drink and go home. Me and you have to have more and more till there's nothing left. This is called an allergy in the book we learn. So my opinion is admit your an alcoholic, get the help and cut people off, work on your self, admit you can't drink again. I promise you this, your life will be so much better with out drink. You will feel alot happier and it will go well for you. Just put the effort in and it will work. But if u don't admit u are an alcoholic and u want help, you are always gonna be like this. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me anything

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My husband is an addict by

Don't be thinking like that your better than that. I joined cocaine anonymous and do meetings. He needs to want to do it for himself. All I can suggest to you and natasha now. And I don't know your situations. Home wise, job wise ect.. But get your names on the council, explain your situation, keep applying for homes, flats ect.. Don't tell your husbands, bf.. And do your best to save it. And soon as I get excepted or have enough money to rent saved. Leave and don't look back. And in the mean time see what help u can get for your situations off places like adfam ect.

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