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Want to quit cocaine. Thought it might be good to talk to others by

Hiya mate. Im the same as you. Im having it roughly every 3 to 4 weeks. This year i did 2 month without once. I really cant stand it any more. The downers and sometimes suicidal thoughts. I have researched a lot how to stop and it does work. So if you really want to stop. You yourself have to want to and admit your an addict. Which you are the amount of times you are having it. Then you cant drink any alcohol! This is the main trigger to get coke! Delete all your dealers , friends/ family who do coke out of your phone book. Come off social media, as you can message them on there. Blocking wont work as you will unblock them. Your brain is so clever it wants the coke. So it will trick you into getting it. So you need to avoid trigger spots. Places were you used , places were you picked coke up. Go a different route. Then you need to get some new hobbies to replace the coke, so it keeps you busy. Ive took up reading, i go to the gym 5 days a week, i do some decorating. Plenty of walks with the dog. Do a daily plan and tick it off each day. Believe me you will start to feel a lot better. Download castbox. And listen to addiction podcast. They have some good stories of addicts talking about there lifes and i feel this helps. You can watch some on you tube. But it depends how bad you want this. Its hard avoiding people. You can be clean for 3 week. Then some1 who sells it will walk past you when they never walk past you! You get tested all the time. Feel free to ask me out buddy

by Casey84

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Losing it by

Hiya mate. Im exactly the same as you. I cant stand the stuff. Im lapsing every 3 to 4 week roughly. Im 2 week clean again today. You could say i have it under control now. But if you want to stop or control this, you need to.. delete all your dealers nums now. All friends and family to do with coke. Get a new number if you can. Come off all social media. Dont drink any alcohol. Dont even spend any time what so ever with anyone that uses. And you need to.take up new hobbies now. Do a weekly plan. With each day doing something the time u normally have the coke. You can do diff things like.. decorate, gym, walk, play darts, read, something that you want to do. Your just stuck in a rut and a shitty routine. Break.the routine and do something new. I listen to loads of addiction recovery podcast and watch some on you tube. They help alot. Feel free to ask me out

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Need serious help by

Hiya mate im same as you. What u need to do is. Delete everyone out your phone to do with cocaine! Dealers, friends, family! Your problem now is that your stuck in your room having it! This is gonna be a repeating trigger to get coke, if your stuck in the place were u constantly have it. So stay down stairs even if its boring! Now.. if i was you id write a plan out of daily task and have some goals. Gym, run, walk the dog. Jigsaw. Read. Anything u want and do it each day. Beleive me i know its just a slippery slope having it on your own. And the downers and suicidal thoughts are not good at all. What helps me is listening to podcast and cocaine recovery stories on you tube. Find what u like listening to and it helps. Have some earphones on you all the time, and put them on to distract you. It really does help.

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Sad by

The only thing i can think of, and ive seen this happen in the past with mates. Cocaine and amphetimines make you stay away, if your taking alot, you can be up for days! And this causes hallucinations really bad. Ive seen friends go home and unscrew everything electrical in there house, thinking C.I.D or watching them. Pulling wires off the wall. One lad i know was naked in a back yard of someone, because he thought the police have bugged his clothes. So i think, but i could be wrong he just needs a lot of rest and come off the coke and everything else. My mate who was addicted to wiz. Is now in a mental home, it was sad seeing him deteriate. But all this was started from no sleep and the drugs.

by Adam

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