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Heroin addict husband by

Sorry for my late reply, I have just seen this. Well I use every few week. Seems to be on Fridays. I've gone months with out it, weeks, and once a week. The thing is with coke when it's wearing off it sends your depressed and suicidal. And one day i just got really depressed when it was wearing off and suicidal and I hit my rock bottom. I seen a drug Councillor for 10 sessions, was 3 month clean then when out for a tyson fury fight to the pub thinking I was OK, and I lapsed. So it's been back to the same since then, I was clean for 2 month at the start of the year, then went out. Its everywhere and hard to get away from. I try many things to keep me away from it, apps, reading and other things, and this site. I came for help I think. A lot of people were supportive and they helped me stay clean, a bit of encouragement really does help. So I come on here as it helps me. And I like helping others as I've learned quite a bit. Sorry for the late reply again.

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Just found out my husband is addicted to cocaine by

Hiya, hope you are OK. I imagine this is a big shock to anyone who has never had anything to do with drugs. I have the same problem as your husband, addicted to cocaine. My use is once every few weeks. You can use just once a month and still be an addict. Also you would be surprised who takes cocaine and what friends and family do that you didn't think would. My sister works in some sort of social department and she new a Councillor who was treating a Ryan Air pilot who was a coke addict. Cocaine effects people from all walks a life. The thing is if you have a well paid job, they are the worse ones. They can buy big amounts. Taking cocaine effects your dopamine in your brain. So basically when the coke is wearing off, it's called a come down. This can make you feel depressed for days, even suicidal. I've known people who have committed and attempted suicide on this crap. I'm not going to lie to you. I hate the stuff and I'm doing my best to quit it, I'm trying a lot of different things. The main thing to quit, is that the addict has to want to quit himself. Then delete all dealers numbers, family, friends, who also use. Come off social media, you can message people on there for drugs. You can not have alcohol what so ever, this is a main trigger to get cocaine. If he's clean for example 3 month down the line and he is telling you he is OK. Mark my words he is not! He will say just one drink. Don't let him. It has to be a good year at least. Maybe never again really. Is it easy to quit? He needs to research everything, and needs to change his routine around with new activities and healthy eating. Gym, walking, painting, decorating, anything to keep him busy. Or he could try a rehab. But I've never been. I mean I would if I was using everyday for years. But you could have it in front of me now and I'd say now. Mine seems to be Fridays. Going back to you saying you ended up in a marriage with a drug addict. No one is perfect, and it is a disease. I never believed it at 1st but its a fact. We as humans are all addicted to something, weather its a glass of wine after work, a brew in the morning ect. He will relapse as well. Its part of recovery. I'd be amazed if he didn't. He has done the right thing and admitted it, it's a sneaky drug and like a devil and angel on your shoulder, shall I get some, shall I not?? Also you can get it anywhere now, you would be amazed how quick you can get it. Its a major problem in the UK now. Good luck and I hope he gets better, feel free to message me

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Feeling guilty for saying goodbye by

U can be addicted even if its monthly on payday, because you always fall back to it. I had that same mentality, and didn't believe addiction is a disease, but it is. Behind a lot of people's addictions there is a story, abuse, bad upbringing, no parents, and they use to block it out I guess and it just gets worse and worse. I think like that as well everything happens for a reason, this site has helped me out a lot, last year and beginning of this year I went months without coke, and it was down to support from certain people on here, it really does help just a bit of encouragement. But you have to put the effort in as well.

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