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Ahh I'm in Bolton. I can't remember if I said lol. Theres achieve in bolton, but I'm not to sure if that's for family. But I guess you can check. I had an appointment last week, but its shut because of this virus. So any of them could be a while now. Bit shit really. But on the plus side, hopefully this virus puts a shortage of it coming into the country lol. Ye I know what mean. I bet it's hard for you a lot. Its literally everywhere. You would need a good 3 month in rehab I recon to fully be ok.

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No of course not. I was going to say , share it with him. Because kids tend not listen to there parents. It stops you from doing so many things and socialising. And this will be a big part in his anxiety. Or could of even caused it. But I don't know the times of when his anxiety started and his using. But if I was his age cut my friends off - the using friends, and I would go to college and learn a plumbing course or something. Or get my gcses then go from there. He still has the time to do all this and have a great future. Good luck.

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Hey Saz. I'm 2 weeks clean from coke today. I'm doing my best to stop - I hate the stuff. Does he want to quit? It will be a lot better if he does. He needs to delete all dealers numbers and friends. He also needs to take up new hobbies - to keep him busy. To keep me busy - I do these things; I listen to addiction recovery podcast, gym, read, play with the kids and a few other things. I also watch on you tube - recovery mum, she was an ex coke addict and has some great videos. I'm also reading a lot now which helps me - and I never read before. Feel free to ask me out

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