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Fiancées weed addiction by

Hiya jess.. from 14 to 18 years old. I was bad on weed. Every day for 4 years. My life was wasted on it. Bad gcses, wrong mates. I wish i could go back to them years and start again. I never bothered with girls. It monged me out too much and nervous and paranoid. But your not going to get anywere unless your bf wants to stop im afraid. May be tell him just have it 2 or 3 times a week. And have the rest as quality time for you 2. I really wanted to stop i hated it in the end. And i got a calander and ticked each day off i didnt have it. I lapsed a few times. And i never ever smoked. It was just weed. But i got there in the end. New years eve 1999.. the millenium.. i was in my mates getting stoned!! What a waste!! Thats what it does to you. Dont get me.wrong i had some fun memorys. But it ruined my school results. And jobs. But i work in the bank now and im on good money. It just stops you doing so much and makes you lazy.

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broken but strong by

Its a bit weird how hes just gone from weed to heroin just like that.. some one hes with obviously takes it and probably pushed it on to him. The minute any of my mates would be like that and im gone. It sounds like hes just going to get worse. I really would stop feeling sorry for him. How can he come round and see his kids then rob off you. But thats what heroin does to you. I see my best mate now whos on it picking cigarette dockers off the floor and begging. Its a shame really. But there is nothing you can do. He needs to do it himself. You need to start thinking of you and your kids and move on. Otherwise its going to make you ill. Good luck

I am a Heroin user currently using as inject. I need some help! by

Hiya ive seen an expert talk about these for coke addiction as she asked a chinese herbal expert whats good for cravings.they are called.... jia wei xiao yao wan you can get them on ebay.. they are tiny little black balls.and you take 10 when you think your going to crave. There are some priced at 12 pound for 2 boxes.. 400 balls altogether. Its worth a try instead of buying heroin. Im on my 2nd lot. And they do help.

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