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Hey , hope your ok. Its a really sad story this.. im doing my best to stop taking coke and im dreadin my kids finding out about it. Me and my partner cheated on each other and it brought nothing but arguments and its not nice on the kids at all. All id suggest is, if your mum and dad are not willing to sort themselfs out. Think of yourself , work hard and get a good education. Be proud of yourself. And you and your sister help each other out. Stay away from the coke please , your young and have your whole life ahead of you. I wish i was your age. Do you worry about your sister while your at uni?

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But hes not on the harder drugs is he? Like addicted to them like cannabis? I was really bad on weed from age14 to 18.. i made my mums life hell im afraid to say. Some was hormornes. I realised i had to stop as i was going nowere in life, i hung around with bums and i was one. I skipped job interviews , and other various things. I hated it in the end. But the main thing is.. i wanted to quit. And i set my self goals with a calender, crossing each day as it came. I lapsed a few times but i got there in the end. Hr needs a new circle of friends and change his routine around. Take up the gym or something

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Hiya gill.. hope your ok. 1st of im doing my best to quit coke. I.hate the stuff..i have lapsed 2 times in 14 week. The soon as i lapse i am back to not having it and in regret. Drinking alcohol is a major factor in wanting cocaine. He needs to stop drinking totally. Coke sends you depressed and suicidal. So its that stuff thats making him mental if you ask me and his come downs. And gill.. this is no way you.. but you really need to start to think about yourself and if you are happy with him? Do you really need this crap? He shouldnt be bringing up past failures or calling you. He should be supporting you. Fair enough.. ive said bad things to my gf but thats every blue moon after a night out and we have had too much to drink. But still thats no excuse. Does he want to quit? To be fair he needs stop alcohol and coke all together. He doesnt seem a nice person on the stuff. Maybe have a word and say if he doesnt stop and change, your moving on with your life. Always think of your kids and you 1st! My gf has stuck by me, shes not really been suportive. But im doing my best to stop. I dont drink anymore. And im trying everything to stop. Hope this helps. And good luck. Id really have a good think what you want out of all this, and tell him.

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It worrys me like mad if my kids found what i had. Or it landed on the floor . He should be worried about that. He really does sound like he couldnt care less. But thats what it does to some people. He could be on more than you think. It makes you lie a hell of a lot. The only things i can suggest are.. keep going as you are and bite your tongue. Him wanting help and help him out, which he doesnt seem to want. Tell him to at least cut down for now. Or tell him if he doesnt change soon and stop you are leaving and you are going to start a fresh. But thats entirely up to you. Ive seen so many stories on here how it effects women because there partners use , and have no intentions to stop and its not nice. He is obvioulsy thinking of number 1 , and maybe you should to!

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