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I feel so alone and angry by

Hiya khl.. im 36 now but from 14 to 18 or 19 i was having weed litrally everyday. In the end i hated the stuff. It ruined me progressing in school. But ive done good now. I guess he has to want to stop. I did a calender and ticked each day off i hadnt used and took up the gym and running. That helped me a lot then. With the drinking ive never been a big drinker. I guess he really does need to go to an AA meeting.. its ok for him to say ill have it twice a week, but if he is an alcoholic thats just not going to work. Try and persuade him to go to a meeting.


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Help please partner is back on cocaine by

I guees least he has admitted it and wants help again. Im the same as your partner and i hate the stuff and i am doing my best to stop. No matter what though now because he is an addict or ex, he is never going to be ok really same with me. So when you went away he probably thought im ok i wont use and hes put himself in a situation were hes gone out with people who use. But i could be wrong. When did he last use? What is he doing to stop

Alternative addiction help by

Well you can tell hes trying, but he needs cut his friends off really.. for now anyway.. Most of my mates wont give me any nums anymore because i tell them not to. I understand as well because its been 15 years. My gf is the same. But she has had it with me a few times anyway. She gets my phone and car keys off me at 5pm fri and sat nights lol. He prob is a real good dad and bf. But this stuff is like a slippery snake and effects people differently, and the come downs are awful. Just keep what you are doing if you are staying with him. But if hes not willing to change or gets worse, start thinking of your self

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Cocaine addicted boyfriend by

Ye course you can still do everything as normal. Work and that. You will just be feeling mentally down and depressed. Ive know a few people to commit suicide from it. It makes you feel so sad its awful. And i know what you are thinking.. why get it then? And i think the same. Its like a little devil on your shoulder telling you.. just get one. You will be fine.. you will get up in the morning and go out with your gf.. but when the next day comes all that has gone out the window, with being on a come down.

Nineteen year old son’s drug addiction by

What ive learned is the more you pressure people on it or keep screaming at them. They will just use it as an excuse to get coke. But its up to you how you address the situation. I was like that when i was 16 on cannabis. Idont touch it now. But i was a nightmare for my mum and dad. Which i regret. But i grew out of it and quit hanging around with using mates. Have you asked him does he want to quit? You obviously cant make him to. You will get nowere. He will soon realise like i did. But id set a few ground rules for now. Like u dont want it in the house. Least running will help you as well to clear your mind of things. Dont give up on that lol

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