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How to help our son by

Well he needs to avoid pubs and clubs for a start.. and alcohol is the main trigger to go and buy coke... so he might not like you telling him this but he needs to stop drinking. Im not going to paint it nice and say he can have a couple just for a meal or something.. because he cant... if he is bad on it... he needs be alcohol free. Plus he needs delete all dealers numbers out his phone. Not hang around with his mates or fam members that use. Delete all social media. Ive come off facebook and insta.. and it does help a lot. I also listen to a lot of and watch cocaine recovery stories. These help alot and you can relate to them. Maybe go to C.A meetings as well.. i never have but they do help. And he needs to turn his routine around.. do new hobbies, set himself task. Like go to the gym.. for 3 month 5 days a week and get to a certain size. Just some goals to acheive, it can be anything readlly. I took up reading and i have never really read. Tell him look up the triggers for emotional, mental and physical relapse. He needs to tell himself when he wakes up.. hes just going to stay clean for today.. not 3 month.. just today. Its all anout one day at a time. Im not going to lie its hard.. and his brain will trick him in to getting cocaine.. its a real sneaky drug. He needs to be aware and really want it. Good luck. Just ask if you need out

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Cocaine and my son by

Maybe he needs a rehab.. i dont know the inns and outs... this is just a thought... i dont know if u pay for rehabs and how much they are.. maybe look into them... cancel his home... send him rehab.. the payments you pay for his home.. pay his rehab.. how ever long it takes.. thats only if they are same as his rent.. and when he comes out when he is clean let him live with u till he gets a job. Thats just a thought. I dont know the inns and outs of what hes like at home and that. But i guess a rehab is better than paying his rent while ge gets wrecked. I dont know anyone who robs for coke if im being honest.. are you sure hes not on something else aswell, maybe crack aswell? And please dont take that the wrong way, im just be honest with you here. So where is he now? And how is he feeling?

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