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Drugs and alcohol by

Hi flowerbud. Im going through coke problems at the min. I cant stand the stuff and i am doing my best to quit it. Since new years eve i lapsed twice. I st after 8 week clean the 6 week clean which was this friday.. 1st off the horse is not just gonna stop his addiction.. but it will help alot to give him a hobbie to distract him self. This is what i do to stop and it helps alot. Delete every dealer, friend ,family member out my phone who has coke. Delete facebook, insta all social apps. Quit drinking alcohol,! This is the main trigger for using coke. Take up new hobbies to distract you. I did reading and it helped me alot. If he still goes in a circle were they use. He is going to use. He needs to stay in a the weekends if that is when he is useing. Tell him to watch louise clarke on you tube on crack cocaine part 123. She will help him and you a great deal on how to quit.


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Husband addicted to cocaine by

Hi lexi.. im in same boat as your husband. But im doing my very best to stop. And the good thing and main thing is he wants to stop. Whats happened to him is whats happened to me.. you take it coke on nights out.. for years.. you stop going out.. but your addicted and use coke on your own in the house!. Its sad, but its a disease at the end of the day. I quit on new years ever after 8 years on n off of it. Mainly once ever couple of week. Coming down of it.. it makes you suicidal.. depressed. Its not good at all. And thats why i have to stop. After 8 weeks i lapsed. But since then its been 5 week. So ive had it once in 3 month. To stop.. your hubby needs to cut all his mates off to do with coke! Delete there numbers! And dealers! Even avoid family who take it! Avoid alcohol! It triggers it.. and is my main trigger to use. Avoid pubs and going out.. stick to cinema and restaurants. It will be really hard but then, you have to say how bad do you want to stop? He needs to change his routine around, go gym.. walking, decorate, focus on saving for something. Any new hobbies to distract you. Also watch some videos on you tube of louise clarke on crack-cocaine part 123.. they are great and she teachers you things i didnt even know about coke and how to stop. There is an app called pocket rehab.. its great! Tell him download it. . Its were addicts and ex help each other, and tell there stories and press a panic button to get put through to another addict or ex.. to talk u out of using. You basically help one another. But this all narrows down to how much he wants it. I dont want to lose my children or kids. He needs stay in for a while. And take each day as it comes. Just ask if u need any help. Good luck


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My boyfriend is addicted to cocain and I have no one to talk to by

Id tell his family.. i told my mum and asked for help and i was ashamed of my self. But she checks and helps me alot. He needs support to fight this disease, not to keep it all locked up inside. Ive lapsed 1 time bella since new years eve. I hate the stuff. But when i have alcohol.. i need to get some coke. So i have quit it. Ill tell you what i have done to quit and hope it helps Firstly .. he must want to quit.. thats the main thing. Then the rest will fall in to place but its hard. He needs to cut off everyone to do with coke! Friends, dealers.. even family who take it. Delete all there numbers. Dont block there numbers as they stay on the phone.. delete them! Avoid alcohol.. going to the pub. Just stick to nice meals or cinema or things like this. Avoid trigger points.. i.e.. corner shop were he picked coke up.. or driving past houses were hes partied. This makes you want to get coke. Come off all social media! Start a new life.. change things.. start going the gym.. walking.. reading.. decorating.. anything. And watch louise clarke on you tube on crack cocaine part 123.. this women is an expert in it all.. and she will explain it soo well what it does and how to stop. Hope this helps. Just ask if you need out bella