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Also.. i listen to and watch cocaine recovery stories on you tube and podcast. These help so much. And you can relate to them alot. Plus you tube louise clarke on crack cocaine part 123. And she will help you a great deal about coke and how to beat it. Just think the amount of time we put into thinking about getting coke.. going getting it.. useing it.. in bed comeing down off it. And we could be putting it into a lot better things and you will feel a lot better. Just weather the storm.and you will get there. Stay positive

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Maybe she needs see a councilor. It sounds like shes hit rock bottom and is just stuck at bottom of a hole. And needs guidence to get out. If shes stuck in the house all the time she is just going to get worse. Take her out for a walk and spend time with the grandchildren. And keep reasuring her that life does get better after drink.. its just that 1st hurdle she needs to admit it and weather the storm for a bit. But there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


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