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There is also a pod cast. Called .. the addiction podcast.. point of no return... And its american and they are associated with a rehab called.. narcanon i think. And there are so many ex addicts talking about how this rehab is great and works. They do it different to other rehabs. They have a method of saunas which sweats out all the toxins. Give u vitamins and councilling. Have a look into that..hope your ok. Try not to worry to much as it will make you ill

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Hiya oliver.. im really sorry to hear about your mum. Im struggling through a coke addiction and i am 36. But taking this to numb the pain, beleive me.. it will not work. Coming down off cocaine gives you the biggest depressesion for days and suicidal thoughts. And with whats happend with your mum. You do not need any of this going on in your head. You may not get this now.. i never.. but after more use.. it will get worse and worse. If you want to stop. You need not to hang around with people who have. No alcohol.. alcohol makes you crave cocaine. Delete dealers numbers, and maybe talk to someone about your mums death. This is obviously just a coping mechanism, and your young and have your future ahead of you. Dont let this stuff ruin your life mate. Change your friends. Change your lifestyle. And if you dont go college or out.. start doing something. I wish i was in your shoes and i could start afresh. Do your mum proud.. cocaine when it grips you. Ruins lifes mate. You still have time. So just cut it out any way you can.

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Has he admitted he has coke ? A lot of people now who have alcohol.. have to have coke as well.. this is main trigger in using cocaine. Alcohol makes you crave coke. In relapsing on cocaine. You have emotional.. mental and physical relapse.. and they start in that order.. Causing arguments and rows and dissapearing, could be emotional relapse. Cocaine makes you do these things as an excuse to get it. But i dont know the ins and outs if he is using or not

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